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Just to play devil's advocate here, but don't speed traps make the road safer? (At least in the long run, if that stretch of a road gets a reputation for being tough on speeders, then they'd drive more carefully there)
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The problem started before the factory switched loans - though the acrimony between the parties probably got exacerbated soon afterwards.

Huy Fong maintained that a huge majority of the complaints emanated from only four households.

Regardless of whether Huy Fong stays in the city or not (they've been courted by numerous other cities in other states), it certainly does give Irwindale a reputation of being not friendly to businesses. Who'd want to locate their factory there after all that drama?
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I'd agree with you before I become a parent. Parenting is hard and, it *is* very much about control.

What this particular father did was very drastic, but as the article explained it was not the first thing he did. Only after earlier more reasonable attempts failed that he resorted to this.
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Ugh, sorry about that! I hate regional locks - it's a stupid restrictions from the era of old regional-licensing sort of thinking. It is the age of the Internet after all. Sigh.
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That comment hops, skips, and jumps to concluding that he's selfish for being a dad at an old(er) age. Also, pancreatic cancer is quite aggressive - the survival rate at 5 year is only about 15%, so chances are he was quite healthy when that girl was born.
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