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Wow... I had no idea this would be so volatile. I just thought the little kid was adorable (especially his little eyebrow dance at the end). I think jodie summed it well. I guess I should have known better, with the past comments people make on this site.

Thanks Mattie for clarifying. I'll be sure to do a little more research next time as a preemptive strike for all the negative people out there.
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Lawdy... you're only trying to insight people with your nastiness.

Mokuwai must've hit close to home for you to react that way.
Personally I just feel sorry for anyone with that much hate in their heart.
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My favorite has to be the rockstar wish in the movie "Bedazzled"

From the second page of the "Special Features" section, highlight any of the bonus options and press right. The devil will now appear on the screen. Press enter.

It's kinda dark so I can see why they removed it from the main movie. It makes a great easter egg though.
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Actually the article points out that it took a long time to wipe out the dinosaurs. The fact that it took so long is the main problem of the asteroid theory. If you actually read the article you might have picked that up.

And reid the daily mail wasn't the only place the article was carried. And you're right the asteroid theory is reasonable, but it still has holes in it.

But since you were there you're probably a better judge to say what's crap than the scientists involved.
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Sorry for the re-post. I've been a little busy and haven't been keeping up with the daily posts of everyone else. Apparently I wasn't the only one to miss it though.
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My religion is not above criticism, however this goes beyond that. I don't believe this is the proper venue for this either.

The missionaries don't only try to spread their message in neighborhoods they do a lot of community service. When we had the big earthquake in Hawaii the very first people going door to door with aide and service wasn't the government or red cross it was the mormon missionaries. They simply offered service with no message attached regardless of religion.

I just think Neatorama can be better than this type of posts.
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There's some disgusting stuff on the fan site... not quite sure that's a good link to post on otherwise pretty kid safe neatorama.
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cl... A lot of the time you "bleed" the animal before you cut it up. It's a lot cleaner that way. I've seen Inuits cutting up whales before. It's actually pretty clean.
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These are for popping tires. No matter how they are dropped they always have a blade facing upwards. Cops use these when they need to blow the tires out of a moving car. You just drop a bunch of them on the road in front of a moving vehicle.
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There are so many things wrong with the calculations on this. First of all he said the bottles were made in China and shipped to Fiji. The bottles are actually made there in Fiji and are made of PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) which is recyclable. The amount of water that goes into making a PET type bottle according to this is 26 liters for a single liter this is also incorrect. Water used in PET manufacturing process is recycled in a closed system and only loses a small amount to evaporation. The assumption about how much water is used to produce electricity is also incorrect. According to the Fiji Electricity Authority the majority of electricity generated in Fiji is created at the Nadarivatu hydro electric plants as well as at the Butoni wind farms. Neither of these have more than a nominal usage of "wasted water" as inferred by the article. Also the carbon emissions are off because they too assumed the wrong type of electricity production.

In a nut shell this whole article is complete "bunk" because no actual research was done. Only assumptions.
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This reminds me of Giotto di Bondone and the story of him painting a perfect circle for the pope as a demonstration of his skills.
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It's kinda sad that that's the only comment on this entry. There's way more comments on the spray on condoms.

At least I know you looked over my grammar and punctuation Mark. Thanks!
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