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Agreed! I loved Bardem in No Country for Old Men. The book itself was scary enough, but his performance really was great. Tommy Lee Jones', too. Great movie.(Now I want to watch it again!)
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You know, one of my favorite things is to put a half-tablespoon each of cinnamon and cocoa powder in the filter, put the grounds on top then give it a little mix. (I said half of a tablespoon. It's a lot. I KNOW.) It's incredible, though, especially if you're using good coffee and you don't take milk or sugar. (Hard to find a decent flavored bean that doesn't taste too sweet.)
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I haven't read it in so long that I barely remember it, but I find it fascinating that the fake religion in the book became a real religion that's legit, (Er, you know. Technically, for tax purposes and such.) Just craziness.
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Interesting. I always thought the Once-ler was a man because the guy who invented the Thneed (and his entire family) is human; I guess I made the assumption that he was the same guy, only hermitized, and that it was something everyone knew.
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No one here has funny female friends? I think men excel in stand-up because they're better at the aggressive sort of humor that works there, but I know plenty of women I would call funny. As for which gender is funniest, I don't know that it can necessarily be determined. Personality has much to do with it, as does perception of humor. But I don't think it's at all fair to say that women as a whole are simply unfunny.
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The only thing these pictures tell me is that whoever does her eyebrows is fully competent. (If it's her, then I guess the study is correct? This seems like a ridiculous waste of science funding.)
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