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Americans themselves have absolutely no idea what they're celebrating on Halloween. Spreading? My money's on it dying off.
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We did this in biophysics class at university for ants and the answer was that a human sized ant would not be able to even lift one leg due to its great weight.
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That may be the case, but they didn't try hard enough to convince the viewer. About 5min of footage of failed attempts would have sufficed (and would have provided some wonderfully inappropriate comic relief).
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Nope. Nothing wrong with the original cover. As if male bodies in comics are not too perfect. Hey puritans, they are comic book super heroes. They are an ideal. Not the norm.
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Watermelons are the classic summer fruit in my country (Greece) but nobody eats half a watermelon. It's too much. Normally just a slice and that requires a fork and knife. I would also suggest eating watermelon with bread and feta cheese. Delicious!
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