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Yesterday she leaned against the sign while texting. She obviously has no respect for the judgement, not to mention the possibly deadly consequences of the crime she committed. Today she will be supervised, and has been ordered to actually hold the sign. I agree; she should have her license revoked.
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When they no longer teach spelling in school and text-ese is the norm, there's no point in arguing about an extra space here or there...

But just for the record, ONE SPACE is correct.
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I can't wait...

to see the inevitable 24fps release. Most theaters are hanging on by a thread as it is; how many do you think are going to "upgrade" to screen a single film?
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This reminds me of a story I heard many years ago about a guy who ordered a personalized license plate that enabled him to get out of paying parking tickets. It read "NO PLATE". An officer would write this on a parking ticket and it was interpreted by the person sending out the fines as a car with no tags, so no ticket would be sent. Of course this was before computerized police records and tighter restrictions by the DMV on vanity plates.
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I love all of the above-mentioned shows, but my favorite is The Venture Bros. which is a dysfunctional parallel of Jonny Quest.

I wasn't really a fan of anime until I got hooked on Cowboy Bebop- great scifi!
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