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I hate to break it to you all but MITTENS has been the nickname of Mitt Romney around political blogs for at least 4 years and maybe even back as far as the Mass Gov position.
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"since Hungary has never been known as a
bastion of lovers. Unless one lives there I suppose"

I know what you mean...I used to have problems finding a date in Italy before they populated it with people.
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I Might be a Mother and a jerk but Foremost I am LAWYER.

Don't you media whores who never did your own research in your lives forget it!!!
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What about Dr John?

He was known as Mac Rebbenac and was a guitarist for PRofessor Longhair among others.

Then he got shot in the hand and had to take up piano instead.
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Second Harley.

Is the light young ?

If so that posit is not proved by the 4% and 10%

Did they mean 4% off? like a fire sale?

Still a poor breakdown.
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There is video footage of these Soviet experiments.

It is exactly what you see in the drawing so be warned before you go looking for it. Also I won't direct link.

It is one of those things that you cannot un-see.
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Women have been losing these skills for at least 4 generations and what more, they are PROUD of it.

However this article completely misses the recent resurgence of Knitting skills in gen y and gen x women.
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