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It took me a long time to get used to that "cultural feature" of the white American populace, but in the beginning it was very off-putting. I still find it quite lacking in good taste when strangers start talking to me in Spanish, simply because I have dark hair and slightly olive skin. I am, actually eastern European with Asian blood.
The worst was, when at the Airport some African American woman demanded (not asked) that I provide more toilet paper in the restroom. I pointed out my suitcase, and tried as nicely as I could to tell her that I am a traveler just like her, and there is toilet paper in another bathroom stall.
And yes, TSA is an abomination.
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Your kid is either extremely lucky, or extremely brilliant, since she is apparently depicting an epic battle with a Beholder. They way I see it, what happened is, she was in a dungeon, and came across a Beholder. She is apparently a spellcaster, and since Beholders are inherently immune to magic, she must have rolled a solid 20, to set off some sort of a mirror spell, probably blinding it's eye (so it could not cast any anti-magic spells), and apparently was able to get off a second spell to dispel it.
Brava, little mage, brava!
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Being a mom of a 2 yo boy, I can totally understand "wanting to lay down and die". That's always my fear that somehow he will get out and wander out in the street.
Im so installing a lock like that on my doors. lol
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Since I happen to live in a country of overabundance of luxury and complacency, I think a little mercy towards those who are at their lowest would help everyone. Who cares how they come to be that way? what if by showing them the basic acknowledgment as human beings we actually make a difference in their lives?
Id pay my taxes towards that.
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1. I might be playing too many MMOs, but that's NOT a giant rat.

2. I don't think they've been to NYC. That's a medium sized young street rat/
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Yeah, After watching some of the break dancers on SYTYCD, this kid just doesn't seem so impressive. He really needs to learn body movement control and rhythm - he definitely has the potential, but no fludity.
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hmm, looks really nice, but even if i didnt know it was computer animation, i would still think - something about her is weird. she is either not real, or she had a stroke at some point.
Humans have an incredible ability to pick out human faces, and note anything that's slightly out of the ordinary.
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