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Why so 'ridiculous'? Much more imaginative than the present day muscle-bound monsters presented in contemporary cinema...
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Huh...actually looking at the photo at full resolution the horizon looks really suspect, especially along the 'north west' it's a gpu rendering of a texture mapped to a sphere...
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I too notice that it looks to show a much narrower degree than the other image. It's not necessarily a result of 'manipulation' though but could be a result of the distance from the earth the photo(s) were taken
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"Ack – an article explaining color perception in terms of “red light”, “green light”, and “yellow light” hitting the retina. Fail."

Total Fail...I was onboard for the yellow/blue not being able to occur together (yellow is all red & green, no blue), but red and green are fundamental components of vision (your recepters are for red, green, and blue). Red plus green is yellow!

In this little picture I made the square on the left is blue & yellow pixels which looks kind of grey-ish and the right is red & green pixels only, which looks yellow!
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Yea that's what it looks like, not the only photo out there. Note the 'spikes' showing out the bottom are from the tension cables holding up the tower being vaporized by the blast.
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"to me, the fakery one looks better then the real one. but that's just my opinion."
Look at the knobs. They look like what you would find on any cheap watch. Look at the band, it is obviously looser and lower quality. Look at the numbers and marks around the face, they are obviously thicker and lower quality. I guess that's why you don't make the big bucks...
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"The magic of movies is the fact that we can suspend our disbelief and actually imagine we are wherever the movie takes place"

99% of movies (especially modern movies with CGI) are especially shit at this.
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pi/4 is a much better choice.
it's a nice normalized value (0.785398163) and is the ratio of area of a circle inscribed in a square (or for that matter any quarter of the circle and square taken individually)

Also it has a very easy to remember derivation:
1 - 1/3 + 1/5 - 1/7 + 1/9 - 1/11 ...
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This is why most new games are shit. Get rid of high-poly models and get back to low-res billboard sprites a la DOOM or low poly models like Quake or Minecraft
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We are in what is called an Interglacial. Heard of it? 12000 years ago, there was winter sea-ice in San Diego. Do you know where that is? Sea levels were 300 ft lower than they are today.

In the past million years there is an Interglacial every 100-40 thousand years, and they last about 20-40 thousand years.

At any rate, our Interglacial seems to have peaked around 3-4000 BC when sea levels were 10 ft higher than they are today. This puts about 8000 years before we enter the next Ice Age.

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How does this make them smarter?? Ants measure distance by the number of steps they take, but they are not thinking in their heads 'one two three...'
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