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We have that in common, MC. I don't like opossums and do not think they are cute. They scare me. I've been present for stand-offs between opossums and my dog, neither of which had any desire to back down. Also, my friend John was keeping dog food in a plastic container in his garage. It had a scoop in it, and he stuck his hand in to get the scoop. An opossum was inside and bit his hand. It was an awful wound.
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I agree with your assessment for the most part. We have a few images that reinforce the tender age of the subjects and the rest are blatantly sexual, with the clothing (or lack of it) definitely designed to draw a sexualized, objectifying gaze.

I think the photographer is trying to provoke a reaction of questioning the series, discomfort or even anger. After all, no female, whether she's fifteen or fifty has breast enhancement that isn't part of reconstruction without thinking about the end result of her being more sexually attractive and noticed. Isn't that what these young girls are hoping to do after surgery, be more attractive (sexually and in general) to those who encounter them? Yet instead of putting on an age-appropriate sundress and trying for a better education, they feel that they should (or the culture dictates that they should) do this instead.

How else is an artist supposed to get that across without pushing that boundary? I see it like the photo essays we've seen here of child beauty contestants who are painted up and put in swimsuits and little heels. It's designed to trigger outrage.
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Yeah, I knew about Mimi, she's in a favorite subversive indie movie of mine. I figured Correll didn't include her on the maze because she wasn't thought to be a supressive person. But I just Googled her and she's left Scientology in the last five years or so.
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