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Thanks for your comment, James. That's an interesting point. The company that is developing this new product does not address that issue in their description, which is limited at this point. They do state that the kit will fly up to 100,000 feet, well above the 30,000-45,000 feet that commercial airliners fly. Even military planes don't fly that high. I suspect that once the kit is released for distribution, the company would have to address any such issues in the information within the product packaging.
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Thanks, Alex! That's great information. I previously had a link to that Stanford article in the beginning of my post, but I've just changed the links in order to feature it more prominently, rather than the CNET article, which now gets "via" credit.
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Hi Aaron. Thanks for your comment. The sources I've checked say that it was the original Star Wars (Episode IV, A New Hope) that used Tikal as a shooting location.
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