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From what I've read, yes. Wikipedia says the type of wallabies shown in the video, agile wallabies, face "no major threats, however in New Guinea it is shot for bushmeat and in Australia it is sometimes killed by farmers as a pest." Perhaps it's similar to deer in some parts of the US in that regard. They are constantly scavenging for food and get into trash bins and feed on garden plants like deer can. Some wallaby populations are shrinking and protected, but these agile wallabies are not in that category.
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Note that I changed the adjective of the author on the referring site from "offensive" to "ridiculous." In some of these cases, ridiculous is my opinion, and I'm entitled to it.

In addition, I'd watch labeling people you don't know as envious. You might be making quite a ridiculous assumption regarding their financial statuses, thought processes and their lives in general.
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There is the video and the link showing the doll, I used the photo as a frame of reference for Lammily's altered, more generous figure proportions. I've added that to the caption. Those were my immediate reactions to the stickers, and they aren't strongly held. Overall, I think it's great to have a realistic doll that represents average, healthy body proportions and I'm all for it and I hope it sells well. I do have to say that I disagree on the name --I think the name is weird and they missed an opportunity to have a better, possibly even meaningful (or at least cooler) name. Just my opinion on that detail. If I had named it, I would not name it the Marcily.
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I agree about the shoes. I wonder -- in the shots in which people actually were looking at her and their disgust showed in their expression -- how things might have been different if she had on a nice, tailored suit or classy outfit, a beautiful bag and nice shoes, and her hair was done nicely. To me, the experiment doesn't work as well when the clothes, shoes and hair are bad.
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Neither, I'm sure. I'm the opposite. I'll get on a food kick and crave whatever it is daily. Sometimes I'll eat it for days, too, if it's not too fattening or bad for me.
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I'm glad you commented and fascinated that I've posted two stories in a week about New Jersey black bears and their proximity to and comfort with human thoroughfares.
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