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I understand your uneasy feeling. You have a point. There was a story about a baby in Ohio getting mauled and killed by his relative's dog just a few days ago.
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You'll be happy to know that it wasn't a library book. That was why it was easily spotted during stock check. Someone had smuggled it in and left it there. :)
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I saw that too. Interesting! But to me, the last line of that article is significant.
"However, it is not clear why the pilot of the Russian plane took the decision to abort the landing." Strange move for some ordinary landing.

I appreciate everyone's comments.

ETA: The explanation could be what Al Denelsbeck said: "but pilots know to abort the landing in such circumstances - had the Aerolineas plane halted mid-runway there would be no way to avoid it once a certain amount of airspeed had been shed." UTair pilot was thinking worst case scenario?
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If you're interested in the breed, you may be able to learn that by following Venus' Faceook page and watching for user questions on that topic. I looked at their "About" page and skimmed a little down the timeline page and found no mention of it, though the administrators said a new About page was coming soon.

I did read that the Gund stuffed animal company (where a lot of my childhood toys came from) is making a Venus toy. Now that's an animal getting special attention!
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The blue-ringed octopus (photo: Scientific American) is also poisonous. Its venom is powerful enough to kill humans within two minutes time, and no antivenom exists.

I've Googled around briefly and found lists of poisonous sea creatures. While some of them are blue (including the blue sea slug that's the fifth photo from the top of this page, which is poisonous because it feeds on toxins from other venomous creatures), it seems that just as many of them or more are not.

Thank you for commenting.
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Yes, I've noticed that AsapSCIENCE's narrator's voice inflection often goes up at the end of sentences as well. But I couldn't stop watching, as I was afraid I'd need to know about some nasty killer bathroom bug. Ha.
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Exactly, Alex! I felt conflicted about this issue after I was approached by so many obviously mentally ill people when I was in San Francisco recently. Some seemed so miserable, haunted and alone it practically tore my heart out.
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That is correct. Currently I have conflicting information as to whether or not the photo is captured with another iPhone. I'm emailing the photographer and I'll update you (as well as the story, if need be) for clarity. Thanks for your comment.
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