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I don't know. I've watched that part a number of times and can't tell where the explosion is coming from. Hopefully a reader will have a better idea.
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...and seeing you had commented but not having read the comment yet, I thought you were going to say that you had seen it before, since it's in your home state.

I imagine they'll have to sink at least a million into that project.
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I like Bloody Marys, lemon drop shots, Bellinis, mimosas, sweet wines like Moscatos and beers like Samuel Adams cherry wheat. Girly, fruity stuff, basically. (Oops, should have hit "reply.")
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I like those you mentioned too, but we all have our favorites. Movies and music tastes are subjective. We all have reasons we like or relate to certain things. :)
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Of course they do, Alan! They need a place to stick the kids so they won't destroy their $12,000 set of gem-encrusted wine glasses! Think, man, think! :)
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While you can't see it in the photo, I believe the house is within view of the ocean. Since they're from Missouri and can only see the Mississippi River regularly, maybe that's what makes it dreamy to them. :)
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This is a unit staged by high-end realtors. They generally decorate all in neutrals with very little strong color in order not to scare off clients unable to envision it redone. Especially in a property that expensive, they can't afford to lose an interested client over a brightly colored wall or sofa that's too strong for them.

I agree with you two about color and personality. I'm sure any buyer of the space would add their own art, color, furniture, etc. after getting the key.

When I say that I'd feel comfortable in a New York apartment, I'm mostly referring to the fact that something isn't in a dicey neighborhood, is not a seventh-floor walk up, isn't 400 sq feet or so of living space, and has no rat, roach or bedbug problem.
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Oh I know, I understood what you meant. Didn't feel any shade-throwin'. At the mention of New Yorkers, though, I wanted to give them some "love." (I always see myself as a city girl, but I wonder if I might feel the same way as you about solitary life after living a year in NYC.)
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I respect that. Everyone has their own idea of paradise. :)

I have to say though, that with regard to New Yorkers, I've had so many experiences there in which native New Yorkers have shown me such compassion and kindness. I think for the most part they are wonderful, down-to-Earth people.
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