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I'm glad you commented and fascinated that I've posted two stories in a week about New Jersey black bears and their proximity to and comfort with human thoroughfares.
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Yes, the unshowered! And what's worse than an unshowered/unwashed gym clothes slob? One who has bathed in perfume/cologne in a horrifying attempt to compensate.
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The referring article at 22 Words lists the sources of the notes, to which I gave attribution under the photos. When I selected notes from that article to post here, I selected them in terms of humor. I neither was analyzing the handwriting nor did I follow every source link for 16 images.

In fact, of the 16 images at 22 words (link in story above), the nine images attributed to "Chicago Now" were from a post by a blogger who calls herself "Baby Sideburns." While she doesn't specifically say she wrote all of the notes, she doesn't deny it. Her post is here. You can be the judge as to whether you think there was any misleading going on with regard to that blog post. It wasn't my intention to mislead (and 22 Words did post their sources). Of the remaining notes, two were from a blogger who specifically said she wrote them. The other notes are from separate sources. Thanks for your comments.
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I did not suffer from the dreaded syndrome. I've been there three times, seeing different areas, and my expectations were exceeded each time. Paris is gorgeous.
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I don't know. I've watched that part a number of times and can't tell where the explosion is coming from. Hopefully a reader will have a better idea.
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...and seeing you had commented but not having read the comment yet, I thought you were going to say that you had seen it before, since it's in your home state.

I imagine they'll have to sink at least a million into that project.
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I like Bloody Marys, lemon drop shots, Bellinis, mimosas, sweet wines like Moscatos and beers like Samuel Adams cherry wheat. Girly, fruity stuff, basically. (Oops, should have hit "reply.")
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I like those you mentioned too, but we all have our favorites. Movies and music tastes are subjective. We all have reasons we like or relate to certain things. :)
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