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It *is* pretty Field and Stream, but I think stripped of the guns and animal heads it's really cool. I wish I had a basement room that looked like that.

I'm hoping that with seven kids and a new man cave, he doesn't have time to go hunting.
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I noticed the chains but I overlooked them, thinking that perhaps it was a temporary safety precaution while the elephants were interacting with the caretakers. (E.g., while lying down in water, so that the people bathing them didn't get hurt or held under the water.)

Yet after seeing your comment, I read more about this organization and I don't approve of their practices. This is the first animal post I've regretted making. I'll be more careful in the future.
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That has to be the most hilarious dog costume I've ever seen. It looks so funny when the dog runs! I want one for my brown pup (won't work with the white dog)!
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I'm only commenting so that I'm considered "thoughtful, wise, insightful, and good-looking" all at the same time. (But seriously, this was funny. Loved it.)
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I disagree that it's that simple. The uprising began as, largely, a protest of the populace. It changed in size and composition as time passed.

Additionally, the sources I read say that ISIS didn't adopt that name until 2013. So how can "this purely political movement that even then called itself "ISIS"" be accurate?
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Interesting. That was part of the fisherman's story, the only part that I thought (sans research) sounded plausible at the time of writing. There goes that idea.
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Wow, good observation. I didn't even notice that there was a problem with that one side. (Maybe I'm missing an eye too and I didn't notice that either.)
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