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Come now... it has to be easier than skinning rats.

But seriously, part of what looks incredible to me in that picture is the bread. I don't think you could get it that consistency by frying/grilling (unless you're some sort of reuben/soup guru). You can see how soft the bread is, yet crusty at the very edge.
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It wasn't you. This is so bizarre, because I clearly remember testing this link before it went live and it worked. I think there's an Urban Ghost in the machine! But thanks for the kind way in which you word your comments. You're a pleasure, Lothar.
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Ha. Hopefully Neatorama readers will interpret this as the attempt at humor that it is. If not, as these definitions are from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, perhaps they'd have better luck taking any issues with the material to the American Psychiatric Association.
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There are thousands of different recipes (variations) for every "classic" dish. Macaroni and cheese is an example.

One definition of the word classic is "serving as a standard, model, or guide." Another is "basic; fundamental" and yet another is "of enduring interest, quality, or style." Those definitions are not so rigid as to preclude the language I used in the article.
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Cool! I'd love to get up to the top and take pictures of the landscape there, assuming the place is structurally sound. Colossal says they're doing renovations, so looks like a nice place for a Neato field trip!
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Yeah, I thought of that at the time, and I get that it's a good hiding place. But I think if they're going to make it a policy to lift wheelchair bound people out of their chairs and forbid their loved ones to be near them when it happens, they need to have someone on their staff trained to do so in a gentle, compassionate manner that doesn't risk hurting them. They also need to treat the disabled person in a polite way, and not act like they are an inconvenience purposely holding up their line.
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One time they made my ill, wheelchair bound grandpa who was being flown to a better care facility in another state get up out of his wheelchair (they grabbed his arms and lifted him) so that they could pat him down and check the chair for contraband. Seriously.
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I wondered that too. I suppose since he was a famous architect and the building was known as his creation that something contractual like that might have been in the realm of possibility. Without researching it I don't know the answer.
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