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After reading up a little more on this series, I've learned that in not every case is the photographer simply asking people to dump out their bags on a table. He cites instances of people pulling out everything they carry in their car on a regular basis. One man was on a professional tour in a van, and he opened it up to the photographer.

I think it would be interesting and more validating to list the professions and hobbies of the participants, as well as the containers (including vehicles) in which the items were carried. Depending on their professions or hobbies, I could easily see a person carrying unusual items on a daily basis, particularly in a car.
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This is the largest rodent in the world, making it a very unusual pet, which some people would find interesting. Given it's a rodent, I think comparisons to animals like dogs are unfair. A lot of people enjoy having rats, guinea pigs, hamsters and the like as pets, and would argue that they are intelligent and capable of showing affection. I think from the videos of JoeJoe, it's obvious he is patient and social with other animals and good natured in general.
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That's so odd that he did tricks with them "on social evenings." I think his own nose looked great and not too small for his face. Usually, people want smaller noses. Ha.

Thanks for the quote, Alex!
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I've spent a couple of weeks on Maui but didn't partake in any Spam dishes. Read an article not long ago that said Spam's even in a lot of Hawaiian McDonalds.
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I noticed that too, but sriracha's ingredients vary from brand to brand, and there are many brands. One of the most popular, Tương Ớt (green cap) has the following ingredients: chili, sugar, salt, garlic, distilled vinegar, potassium sorbate, sodium bisulfite and xanthan gum. The first five ingredients are basic. How much could Heinz deviate from those basic ingredients and still have a sriracha flavor? Not much.
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We're on the same wavelength tonight. Discarded one I wrote that duplicated the cave's "eye", and I was just fixing to write this. You know what they say about great minds: they think alike, except about food, in which case they're total opposites! :)
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