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This reminds me of two awesome british tv reality shows: Electric Dreams: The 30 Year Experiment (YouTube, episode 1), In which a modern family's house is transformed 'to' the 70s-90s to show how the technological revolution of the 1970s, 80s and 90s has transformed Britain’s homes and all our lives.

And the later Turn Back Time: The Family (YouTube, episode 1) wherein three families have to live in different eras spanning 100 years, in classes according to their ancestry.

Very well worth the watch :)
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I realise it's all "in good fun", but isn't it quite insulting to trans women? I'm not saying this, calling for pitchforks and torches...but just think about it for a minute.

Were this song to be about being gay, for instance, would this be laughed at just as much in this day and age? I mean, in the late 1990s to mid-2000s there was "Will and Grace"...but look how far the integrity has come...thinking of series like "The L Word" and "Orange is the New Black", where that's being handled as more than just a cheap joke.
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Walt the Frog!? Simba-vabitch, This Goof-dang computer is Mickey me crazy. I'm gonna (Donald) Duck someone up if this doesn't get fixed soon. I tried Tinker-bell-ing with it myself by Hook-ing it up, but everything got Tangled. Arielly shouldn't have done that.
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