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I've never liked pranking, thanks to a cruel older brother, & I have to agree: someone's going to get shot. When my daughter was 12, she thought it would be funny to startle me, & got punched in the face. If my reaction to my own daughter is a punch, then yes, someone is bound to get shot
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This object is obviously a corset tightener. The aperture was opened, the teeth set against the corset's edges, then tightened with the included spanner (not pictured). A very handy device for getting ladies dressed into last year's fashions!

Slayer of minions, sz 2XL
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It was pretty awful, except for Bill Murray, especially at the end. My damn kids wanted to watch it. This is why you shouldn't let kids pick the movie!
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This is an early model for sending Text Type Messages. Note the classic mid-century wooden case, to fit in with 'modern' decor! It didn't catch on for several decades, until the technology made it smaller & portable.

Evolution- Proving the Egg Came First, sz XXL
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Tea tree oil cleared up a nail fungus, it took about a month. Coconut oil, rubbed into my skin every day, cleared up my adult acne & occasional dandruff
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This is a Goth-erator. It's used to instantly turn teenagers into multiple pierced goths. It generally comes with a 4 inch wide paintbrush, for applying white makeup, & a 2 inch wide brush, for black.
Quasars are Far Out, adult size XL
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