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Do we have a concern about a high number of gingerbread houses being made with pharmaceuticals? I mean, is that a real thing?

And yes, I get the PSA relevance of educating children that medicine isn't candy and what not.
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To what end? A quick look on their map shows no less than 30 3-word associations with my house. None are relevant to each other or the neighboring properties. I could see value in this if there was a logic flow but I'm not willing to commit the brain power to read into it any further.
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Agreed. Remove any other external stimuli from the photo and you have a similar image. My daughter has her nose buried in her Kindle, would we think twice if it was an actual book?
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Would it have killed you to give us oppose-able thumbs?!? Do you know what we could have accomplished with them??!?!? I'm talking top of the food chain here, man would still be living in caves!

Remember: Pillage, Then Burn: XL - Cardinal Red
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