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If the kid is old enough to understand what GPS is, and you turn that alarm off, then it's not spying.

OTOH if they then leave the thing on, you probably don't need them to wear it.

Simpler to bug their cellphone, I would have thought...
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Puppet-phobia doesn't seem silly at all to me. It sounds as if the kid's Uncanny Valley is in a slightly different place, is all.

The bravest thing I've ever witnessed was when a butterfly-phobic friend dared herself to walk through a butterfly zoo with me. Okay, she left nail tracks all down my arm, but she did it!

(I'm mildly stinging-insect-phobic. But, isn't that sensible?)
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It is a repost, I'm afraid, although IMO a really good one.

According to Wikipedia they taste of whatever they've been eating. So you could get food poisoning off of this one. Plus, they're an endangered specie, so the point is sort of moot.
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Here in the UK we would be horrified if the government did such a thing.

Of course, we don't have the money in the treasury to do it, but... :)

My opinion on the matter: It's obviously not a good idea. But, do I have the smarts to know what bad thing will happen if we don't do it? No, I don't.

Overall, though, colour me "suspicious".
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I read to my daughter every night, and more times than not, our cat will turn up to listen.

I've no idea what she (the cat!) gets from the experience, other than her obvious pleasure at the sound of my voice.

It is odd, though, that she seems more likely to turn up when we read a story with cats in it...
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I completely fail to see the point of making crossing the road illegal. Here in the UK you're free to cross any road wherever you like -- apart from a motorway, which pedestrians aren't allowed anywhere near.

What is the rationale behind this law? That crossing the road is dangerous and so should be illegal? Is jumping off a cliff illegal? Hitting yourself over the head with a wooden mallet? Sticking you finger in an electric socket? No. We know that these things are dangerous without a law banning them.
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I don't see why internet dating would be any worse than dating via snailmail, for example -- which people did before the internet arrived.

Not that either is necessarily a good idea, you understand; it's just that, whether it's a good idea or not, it's not a new one.
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Addendum: according to Wikipedia, The Watchmen crater is Galle crater, and there is an image that actually shows the Smiley-faceness of it that predates the comic.

So if you believe Wikipedia, there is no coincidence to be cynical about.
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Forgive me, but if this was real it would be a staggeringly unlikely coincidence; not least because the scene from Watchmen that this resembles was about staggeringly unlikely coincidences.

Since there is a Watchmen movie in production, pardon me if I am cynical. I'd love it if it was real, but...
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I think it's just the sort of idiocy that we can expect to see more and more of.

Nobody is willing to use their brains (or eyes). They just want to follow the written procedure, because that way no-one gets blamed (or sued).
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