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"Why are you wearing a mask? Were you burned by acid, or something like that?"

"Oh no, it's just that they're terribly comfortable. I think everyone will be wearing them in the future."

I think the recent habit of posting under your real name comes from naivety and ignorance. Do I want my employers to know my political and religious leanings? Where I was last night? I think not.

I actually think Shadowfirebird was my first internet handle. I don't use any other ones.
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Two very pedantic points:

1) The ark is not seaworthy. It's mounted on a series of iron barges in order to make it float.

2) It's "the River Thames", not "the Thames river" -- although I have no idea why it should be so.
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@ Mr "Awesome":

Err, mate -- they're not doing it so you can oggle them. They're doing it because they don't want to wear clothes.

If you don't like naturism, next time you're near a naturist site, don't look through your binoculars...
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I don't have enough information to know whether this was appropriate or not. The article says "racial slurs and body parts". If this list he circulated was really unpleasant, then it would justify arrest.

OTOH if it was just a "hot list", then, obviously not. We don't know.
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The fire.

(With apologies to Terry Pratchett.)

Serious answer: once I'm sure my family is safe, i grab the go-bag from my office and sweep as many books from the shelf above into it as i can. Then before i leave I pull the hard disk from the hotswap bay in the server.

Yes, I've thought about this...
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All I see is "this video is private".

Which is a shame because from the screengrab I think this is the vid where the dolphin appears to go to some lengths in order to gently pat the cat on the head.

I would *love* to hear the story behind that.
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We didn't call it cosplay then (at least, we didn't here in the UK).

Lovely costume. Reminds me of a few con moments of my own.

* The twin sisters in matching (but mirror reversed) body paint -- both painted by the same off-duty BBC Cameraman.

* The absolutely *stunning* Dr Who Leela costume, the wearer of which I completely failed to get the name of.

* (My wife's story) "The lift opened and there was an 7-foot wookie and a woman wearing the snake-dancer costume from Blade Runner." (We became good friends with the latter years later and I was always sort of glad I'd not seen that costume because my eyes would have impolitely bugged six foot out of my head....)
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The Klingons are wrong. Kirk-era Klingons didn't have the silly foreheads and impractical ironwear -- and that is a matter of cannon, too. ("More troubles, more tribbles", I think, although I'm not an expert.)

As for which side I'd be on -- frankly, I'd be the one hiding as far away from that mess as possible. Especially that new Doctor; he's got the competancy-level of an ISP support line person...
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Sorry to be picky, but the table is meaningless. What do the numbers represent? Because the time to crack will certainly depend on whether my string of six lowercase letters is a word rather than, say, 'xxsdty'.

Also, just adding uppercase letters and characters will make no difference at all if you change 'password' to 'P4$$word', for example. Cracking programs are not that stupid.

My personal advice? Pick three unconnected words and seperate them with a weird character: for example 'ocelot-mango%envelope' Easy to remember, pretty difficult to crack.

Of course a string of ten random characters is much, much harder to crack - but impossible to remember, so almost useless as a password.
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As a UK resident I've personally found the towns/villages of Hope ("Well, we live in Hope.") and Clowne, both in Derbyshire.

Clowne even has a fire station - with a sign outside saying "Clowne Fire Station". I was laughing too hard to take a picture.
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Regardless of whether you believe astrology works or not, it is a provable fact that this "new" system of astrology has been around for a long, long time. Oliver's "1940's" sounds about right; certainly since the sixties.

So, I wonder why the internet is full of it today. (Of course, the internet is full of it every day... sorry, I never could resist an old joke.)
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...and then he opens the beer and 80% of the contents of the can get evenly distributed across the ceiling.

I think I'll walk to the fridge. (And get a proper lager, in a bottle.)
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The cat's in little danger since it could leave. The kid does not know any better. But I would thump the parent if that had happened in front of me.

"no danger to cat" is not the same as "not mistreating cat".
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Eat people or die of starvation? Of course I'd eat people. So would 90% of the rest of the planet.

And if everyone else was doing it, you probably wouldn't even find it yeuchy. It's a monkey society.
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Of course not. But that's not how the child sees it. The child only gets love from the parent if he behaves. That's conditional. How many parents can tell their child off for doing something naughty and show love at the same time? I know I can't.

Unconditional love is asking: "I crashed the car again. Can I have a hug?" and getting the answer "yes". That's not an appropriate parent-child relationship, unfortunately.
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Um, sorry, all I hear is an American accent.

Similar research here in the UK suggested that the likely accent prevalent in London at the time would have been closer to our Birmingham accent, which is completely different to the above.

For reference, here's a comedian with a Brummy accent:
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I find it a rather odd idea that love between a mother and child is unconditional. At least as the child understands it, it's highly conditional: if he or she misbehaves, mother will be cross.

Surely love is only unconditional when both parties understand that they get love no matter what they do?

Unconditional love is pretty rare. As a kid I got it from my grandmother; I have it from a couple of friends as an adult. I consider myself lucky.
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I'm dubious. I'm embarrassed enough about my beer belly; seeing a manikin swell out to look "just like me" would put me off ever going into the changing room again...
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I've somehow managed to turn off Google Instant and I can't seem to turn in on.

However, in the new Google Scribe, if I type "an egg-basket in a" the fourth suggestion is "centrifuge" (thus completing the name of my blog). Good enough for me.
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It seems just as likely to me that some entries on this list should instead be on "ten most bloodthirsty soldiers of all time"; or maybe "ten soldiers driven most obviously insane by the horrors of war".

Reader's choice. We are unlikely to actually know, after all.
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