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Uh...anyone else wondering why the mommy was in such a hurry to abandon her kid alone in the driveway? I get that she was calling for help...but she couldn't pick up the kid and swoop him inside?
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Having toured a few antebellum mansions during high school in Mississippi, yep, the history is very much white washed, accent on the "white" part.
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My black Lab/Spaniel absolutely loved snow days in Michigan. Her name was Angel and she'd go out in the snow and make doggy snow angels. Nothing she liked more to do in the snow than to lay on her back and flail around throwing snow clumps in the air and trying to catch them in her mouth. Miss you, Angel. You've got your real wings now...
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Wow, strangely misogynistic...

A lot of room for a cartoon that says, "women can't be in positions of command because they won't be able to communicate effectively due to the strange way that all women want people to read their minds when they clearly know nobody can."
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I hear you. Many laws are like this, but is it okay to shutdown the government because you don't like one law? Is this an acceptable tactic? If so, what's to prevent the democrats from shutting down the government in the future (with a Republican president, for example).
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one day, I was walking outside at like midnight on a snowy night and I drew a heart in the snow on a car and took a picture of it for my girlfriend.

I always laugh thinking about what the owner of that car must have thought if the impression survived the night.
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I really hope you aren't implying that, because it makes you feel bad, readers should be denied from interesting material? This is Neatorama, not PCorama. Sorry. :( Yeah, bad stuff happens. At least the headline gives away the content with "5-year old mother". No one is making you read this.
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I'm going to put my 2 cents in and say HE had it coming. Women aren't objects to be played with. If it was your wife,girlfriend, daughter,sister or mother, you might hit the guy yourself. What it comes down to is guys don't like the idea of a women who isn't "well-behaved". Which means helpless.
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