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I wonder if the pope has always been this courageous/loveable or we have more of an opportunity to be part of it all with the rise of social media and news available 24/7? Pope Francis is showing himself to be a Pope i can believe in and to truly follow the teachings of the Catholic church. Makes me want to recronsider finding my rosary and making it to Mass this week.
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While we don't ask our guests to not wear shoes in our house, my husband and I take our shoes off in our bedrooms and wear slippers and/or flip-flops around the house, depending on the season. We don't like shoes on the couch and i'd rather be barefoot 90% of the time anyways.
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Shutting down the Government because of disagreement to the ACA is cowardly. The ACA passed both chambers of Congress, was signed by the President, and was upheld by the Supreme Court of the United States of America. It is the law of the land. If you don't like it, fine but don't pretend like everyone hates it and that somehow it was a trick to the American People.
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I was a Junior in HS and heard the news on the radio on my drive to school. I didn't take it too seriously (oh HS naivete) . I remember that our Volleyball game got cancelled early that morning and i was really annoyed that something in NY had affected my game in Oregon. It wasn't until we spent all day watching the news, especially in Social Studies, that i really understood what was happening. It was a really intense day and I'm thankful that we had a real conversation about it then.
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