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I do happen to know some historical fictions that are being taught to children.

In the United States, very few people know how the war of 1812 played out.

My history teacher taught us that president Madison "decided" not to go above the 45th parallel after a series of naval victories over the British.

While the naval victories are in fact important and true, the Americans like to omit the fact that they were repeatedly slaughtered during their sorties into Canada, as well as during several major engagements.

The War of 1812 was as much a land war as a naval one and Canadian victories go largely unmentioned in US history books.
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If you're tall, buy your seat online in advance, and request a front row seat with nothing in front of you. I did it, it's not a big deal, or complicated. If you get last minute tickets and don't get the seat you want, ask someone to change, or talk to the flight attendants and see if they'll get someone to change with you.

Being tall doesn't mean you can't fly, it just means you have to be smarter than the midgets.
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I have wanted a non-alcoholic rum for years...I absolutely love the taste, but not the alcohol part of would be fantastic if they could do that next, I'd definitely buy it.

Bunch of simpletons in could you not understand there's a market for this?
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Well since the United States has one of the lowest requirements of cacao for a product to be labeled as 'chocolate', I think we can all agree that American "chocolate" (aka flavoured wax) fails horribly and everyone else wins!
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In response to: "I dunno lol" (not sure if trolling or just stupid) and anyone else who thinks that things with these weird names shouldn't be avoided, maybe you will consider that many (if not all) of these chemicals have potential harmful health effects.

Most are too new to be fully evaluated, but that sure doesn't stop the corporations or the health and food safety commissions from approving them.

Look at it this way: in twenty years when these chemicals have been fully evaluated and there is conclusive evidence, you can either look back and either: say "I wasted twenty years of eating mcribs!" and start eating it again, or you can have colon cancer and die. Your choice, really.

Ammonium sulfate: Suspected health hazards: neurotoxicant, respiratory toxicant, gastrointestinal or live toxicant.

Sodium stearoyl lactylate can potentially cause a sodium imbalance.

Mono and diglycerides are what they're calling hydrogenated oil since anyone who's health conscious recognizes hydrogenated oil as containing trans fats which lead to heart disease, among other things.

Calcium proprionate can cause stomach ulcers, even behavioural changes.

BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole) may be a carcinogen or tumorigen. Causes liver, thyroid and kidney problems and hormone imbalance.

TBHQ (tert-Butylhydroquinone) is likely to be a carcinogen according to the US National Institute of Health.

Just because you can't understand complicated chemical names does not mean you get to claim it's bogus. Comparing harmful chemical preservatives to words in a foreign language is a ridiculous comparison. Everyone is now dumber having listened to your claims of 'false alarm'; may the flying spaghetti monster have mercy on your soul.
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I watched a bunch of videos about this guy, and nobody is putting any money in his can... 60K? Yeah right. I doubt he's earned that much in his lifetime.
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Those people aren't 'victims'. Those are Halloween costumes, not political statements.

Let that sink in for a minute.

The girl dressed as Lil Wayne (in case you didn't get it) is not saying all blacks are gangsters. The guy dressed as a terrorist is not saying that all middle easterners are suicide bombers. And the geisha? It's a f-ing geisha...what more needs to be said.

These aren't political statements, it's just a freaking costume...for FUN...and sometimes LAUGHS...but not from squares who just want the next thing to whine about.

What's next? The only thing we can dress as is an M&M because that's the only thing that isn't going to offend everyone and make a generation of coddled babies butthurt?
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@Ryan S:

There are quite a few more species of animals that have passed the mirror test.

In fact, all of the great apes past the test; orcas, elephants and magpies also pass the test.

Other animals are able to pass a variation of that test, such as pigeons.
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I was slightly disappointed not to see the end of 'Gangs of New York' there's a great shot of the city going up over the years, with an equally powerful shot of the towers.
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I quickly learned as a Freshman in college and spending over 600 bucks on books my first semester to wait to buy the books. More often than not, the teachers would put down a huge list of books, sometimes 4 or even 5 books...which you might never even use during class, or would use once.

This is definitely not the reason the cost of books is so high, but it's part of the problem. Another problem is the teachers requiring the latest edition of the texts. You might find a 2008 version of the 2011 text for ten or fifteen bucks, about a tenth of the price. The content of the text is not that different, so there's no reason to require the newest version each year. Especially in certain subjects, which don't change that much from year to year.
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I love how they just ignore movies in a series that sucked so they can call them a trilogy. If only that were the case, there would be no Matrix trilogy at all. It would be just the first movie!
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The problem with this study (obviously) is that if you don't include all the zombie movies with major releases, it's not much of a study is it?
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"Creationism, intelligent design, whateverthehellyouwanttocallit, has absolutely ZERO place in a SCIENCE classroom. It can be taught in a religious course, but NOT in a science course.

Evolution is a fact. Plain & simple. There is no "debate." There is no "controversy." There is no "other side."

The fact that we're even asking this question is embarrassing."


Quoted for truth.
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