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Loved it. Love the stupidity, love the slow-mo, even loved the music. We did that to a melon once. Didn't have the slow-mo camera though.
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Natalia, octopus can be pluralised as: octopuses, octopi or even octopodes. Arguably, the latter is correct as octopus is a greek word and adding the latin -i seems incongruous.
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Sandi, your comment is hilarious. I'm not going to list the myriad ways in which US food sucks (except for these two: cheese and bread, that is all) but the fact that this is the only disgusting combination of two fast foods that has been available here first should be evidence enough.

That being said, I'm going to get one of these. It looks interesting and it's nice to be ahead of the curve for once.
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Whoah whoah, rewind a sec. Somebody who has access to the internet was still watching 2 1/2 men by the time Charlie Sheen left? What the hell is wrong with you?
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I agree that he needs to be corrected but that's a pretty harsh way of going about it. He's being made to stand out there for hours on end. A couple of hours plus a stern lecture on how what he did was wrong should be enough. It's also a complete waste of time. Why not make him help out in the store or something? If that kid doesn't grow up hating his father it will be a miracle.
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Well, I'm glad to know they're spending all the money they've saved on cutting my pay wisely. At least I have the insultingly patronising and expensive spectacle of the jubilee to look forward to.
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There are so many people on here who are trying to ally this issue to political ideas of right and left. It must be election season. Are we going to have to put up with this bulls hit for the next 10 months?
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I'm amazed that no-one has pointed this out yet and maybe it was just included for fun at the end of the video but no, spiders don't do that.

You can sleep un-netted Peach. Unless you live somewhere mosquitoes are a problem I guess. On sleep in a hammock.
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I'm not a fan of Disney at the best of times (it's pretty much banned in our household) but what they did to Pooh is, for me the most egregious example of the damage that their monetising of a beloved character can do. Except for Pocahontas. That really is a crock.
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Honestly, the hysteria in the article and these comments is bizarre. I mean, "My husband freaked right out. He thought, this is absolutely insane." This woman clearly has no idea what "insane" means.

Apparently, the school has a very small yard, a wide variety of ages represented amongst pupils ranging from Kindergarten to grade 8 and there have a been a few injuries. The school has banned pupils from bringing their own "hard" balls in *temporarily* while a solution can be found.

Maybe this is just a principal that, whilst appearing a little over-cautious is simply taking a sensible step to prevent further injuries in the face of complaints from parents. Rather than an encroachment on the kids' human rights to life, liberty and to injure themselves by the health and safety Nazis.

Does no-one (skim) read to the end of an article anymore? What am I saying? Of course not. This is the internet.
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So did Mario kill and skin a bee when he wore the bee suit? Come to think of it, his crimes against the animal kingdom are myriad. He's been kicking turtles into rivers of fire and jumping up and down on the heads of various wildlife for years.

By involving Mario PETA have found a way to get this posted on almost every nerd blog on the planet. Shame on Neatorama for playing into their hands.

From their website: "By wearing Tanooki, Mario is sending the message that it's OK to wear fur." Sloblock.

Nintendo should sue.
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Ted, I've never seen the show. We can't get it over here. Is there any evidence of her not wanting to have all these kids? That should be a genuine concern. I assume child services (or whoever) are aware of them though.

If there is a reason to believe she is being pressured into doing this in any way then your point of view is perfectly valid and I agree with you 100%. But in the absence of said evidence, saying there is no valid reason for them to have so many kids is just as controlling an attitude.
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I think you may have missed the point of Floorman's post. It think he's saying that there aren't as many voices in support of this woman's rights to however large a family as she wants.

We may all see this as excessive and we may vilify the media for making a circus of it but it's their right to have as many children as they like.

Good for her, I say.
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I would get them to drop it off in a bucket over a sewer grating. Make sure you have your exit planned and you could be anywhere in the city quickly and easily. Padlock the grate behind you and you're away.

Don't let the cops have the time to monitor all the possible exits though...
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I'm English and not offended by bowler hats and the Ministry of silly walks, nor beefeaters or skinheads. I think a couple of these may be a little over-senstive but blacking-up isn't cool.
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