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It's like every casting director in Hollywood in the '60s checked resumes for roles on Twilight Zone, and upon seeing it, decided "he/she's good..." (which would have been a pretty smart thing to do)
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And if you're going to talk about an actor who played multiple roles on Twilight Zone then went on to other things, you should've had an item just for Bill(y) Mumy, who talked to his dead grandmother on a toy phone in "Long Distance Call", was a younger version of Jack Klugman's son (as mentioned above) in "In Praise of Pip" and most iconically, was the selfish little boy with psychic powers in "It's a Good Life". He was one of the hardest working child actors at the time. Among other roles, he was in three "Alfred Hitchcock" episodes (one of them in the unsuccessful hour-long format), and was the little-remembered "third actor to play Darrin" in a Bewitched episode where Endora turned Samantha's husband into a child (best TV trivia factoid EVER). All that before he became Will ("Danger!") Robinson on "Lost in Space", and almost 30 years later returned to TV Sci-Fi as an Alien Ambassador's Assistant in "Babylon 5". (And among other things inbetween, became beloved on Dr. Demento's radio show as half of the goofball duet 'Barnes & Barnes') Is there a "Twilight Zone Alumni" story better? I don't think so.
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No, you won't die of Ebola, but considering "Hot Zone" was a rather exaggeratedly inaccurate depiction of an unlikely situation, its TV adaption will make it more likely for you to die in a panicking mob. The death toll from Ebola Panic should exceed the American death toll from Ebola sometime during the airing of the first episode...
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This takes me back, personally... my high school had a young and daring faculty factory band leader who acquired marching band adaptations of rock songs way back in 1969 when it was totally unheard of. We didn't have enough members to do good formations during halftime shows, but the crowd went wild when we started playing "In A Gadda Da Vida". We also totally confused the people on the street when we played it while marching in the Hollywood Christmas Parade.
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Speed Bump is viewable at GoComics as well as , Yahoo News , ArcaMax (larger version), Dave Coverly's personal site (along with other fun examples of his cartoonery), several newspaper sites... heck, you can't go far in the WWW without stumbling over a Speed Bump. (but a long way to get to that joke)
I do especially like today's Bump... mmmm, bacon!
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...and then put all the money you save in a Wells Fargo (who sponsored the video) savings account and earn... what's the current rate? 0.05%? Wow.
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You don't have to horse me to read xkcd.

This reminds me of an early Smothers Brothers comedy album titled "Tour de Farce", which, being 9 years old, I needed my parents to explain to me was a take-off on "Tour de Force" (or, today, Tour de Horse). That was pivotal in starting my interest in wordplay and puns, do blame Tom & Dick Smothers.
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(psst: the link goes to page two of the list.)

Also, as another B:BatB lover, I wondered why you referred to "golden age" Batman when most of what made this show fun was the "silver age" elements (which the first page of the linked article pointed out). I like that it included two of the 'meta/wacky' Bat-Mite episodes among the Top 10 (well, the Finale was a slam dunk), but while noting many of the stunt castings on the show, it failed to mention that Bat-Mite was voiced by Paul "Pee Wee" Reubens, in one of his finest performances.
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Yes, I moved from L.A. to San Luis Obispo County (up the coast 'tween L.A. and S.F.) a few years after the Rams moved to St. Louis. I halfway expected a cadre of Rams loyalists here, since San Luis IS Spanish for St. Louis, but by then, the love had migrated to the Raiders, since then to be replaced by the 49ers as the Raiders' reputations as 'the bad boys of the NFL' faded into vague memory. Remember that? When the Cowboys were "America's Team", the Oakland Raiders were "Counterculture America's Team". At least they didn't do what a majority of teams named "Raiders" do (according to a recent survey): use a Native American warrior as a mascot.
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If I had any kids (which fortunately for the world's gene pool I don't), my first would've been Weird Al (or Weird Alice). After that, I would've p'd off every teacher my child would ever face with a kid named Yes, and just confused them with Bonzo Dog Band and Oingo Boingo with one touch of relative normal from Steely Dan.
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...well, it certainly would work better than what they used for "Two and a Half Men" or "Friends", but I would never want anything replacing the openings to "Star Trek" or "The Twilight Zone" or "Gilligan's Island". Heck, I'll even add "The Big Bang Theory" to that list of Irreplaceables; it's the only thing about that show I love. And replacing the incongruously low-key opening of "Hill Street Blues", which came at a time when all cop show themes were over-dramatic, would be just plain wrong. Of course, I also think the ongoing revisions to the "Doctor Who" theme are not good... bring back the '60s synthesizer, please!
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This brings back lots of memories for me; there used to be a Free Font site named FamousFonts that had dozens of these, and most of the sites that catalog free fonts still have a section for "Famous Fonts". I'm surprised the article didn't include...
The Simpsons,
MAD Magazine,
Dummies (the books)
or Yahoo!

What? Coke but no Pepsi?
Gilligan's Island but no Brady Bunch?
Snickers but no Kitt Katt?
Star Wars but no Star Trek? (that's original series, but there are fonts for most of the other series and movie logos, as well as for the Enterprise decals).

And Panera Bread but no Pizza Hut or Taco Bell or Kentucky Fried Chicken or Burger King?

What I find most notable about the "Yellow Submarine" font is how many places besides the Beatles' movie it has been used. In fact, there's another version that, noting its ubiquity for sci-fi titling, named it Asimov. (That's the version in my ridiculously large font collection.)

Yeah, fonts... Don't get me started on fonts... oh, you did.
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In the suburbs of Los Angeles (Pasadena. Sherman Oaks and Panorama City), I have visited two 2-story Targets and a 2-story WalMart, all put into the shells of former traditional department stores and they all have Cart Escalators (which always run slightly slower than the Human Escalators so you can position your cart and watch it take off, then go up and meet it at the top). They are cool. Those stores all also have regular elevators bigger than some of the Freight Elevators I've seen elsewhere, also to accommodate shoppers with carts.
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You could substitute jokes about any tragic event of the last 450 years in the first panel...

"So, Mr. Lincoln, otherwise how did you like the show?"
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Well, #5 was not really a 'screw-up', according to the INFO link: "Although Douglas Corrigan never quite admitted it, his 'mistake' was surely a ruse to circumvent aviation authorities who had turned down his request to make a trans-Atlantic flight." Even if he didn't appreciate the nickname, Corrigan became the third-most famous aviator (after Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart) to cross the Atlantic. Nice PR.
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Technically, that's a classic Misheard Lyric (#1 on this list) - but the accurate lyric "revved up like a deuce, another runner in the night” is pretty weird anyway. AND it was written by Bruce Springsteen, whose first hit for himself, "Born to Run" started with...
"In the day we sweat it out on the streets of a runaway American dream
At night we ride through the mansions of glory in suicide machines"

I think Springsteen and Bob Dylan should dominate the category. (Dylan: "Better jump down a manhole / Light yourself a candle / Don’t wear sandals / Try to avoid the scandals / The pump don’t work / ’Cause the vandals took the handles"
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It must be noted that the soundtrack to Guardians of the Galaxy (using music recovered from an '80s mixtape owned by StarLord as a kid), is full of potential guilty pleasures, stating with "Hooked on a Feeling (Ooga Chucka)" by Blue Swede, not to mention "Escape (The Pina Colada Song)" by Rupert Holmes.
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