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I'm left-handed too, I agree with the ambidextrous thing though. Being that I was taught how to do every day things all by right-handed people, I learned to do most things with my right hand. I do have an aunt who is left-handed, but she was forced to use her right hand in school, so now she only eats with her left.

I'm also with everyone on the scissors, I can't cut worth a flip even with left-handed ones. As for spiral notebooks, I used to be able to find ones without the three holes punched and just use them backwards, then punch holes if I needed to.

And Steve, the desk thing was hard! I was lucky to be thin enough that I could usually just turn the desk sideways and site with desk part on my left side and my legs between the metal bars.
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I agree with the fact that they should have been tightened all the way. It looks like he could slip his hands out of them already, without the need of using a pin.

Plus, I've seen cops use regular heavy duty zip-ties more than I've seen these.
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My cat is like "The Slapster"'s, she goes crazy when corn is brought in the house, and loves them with the husks on. We have to put them in the fridge and then every time someone opens it she tries to get inside to eat some.
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