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1) The posting of a photo taken of an artist's Culture Jamming attempt does not equal hate.

2) Yes, I do believe they do realize they are running a website.

3) Yes, on the internet.

4) No it's world wide, much like the internet.

5) I don't know, where should they be?

6) We are.
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My friend from Hungary said there is a belief that you should not eat bird of any kind (chicken or turkey) on Christmas to New Years, but instead you should eat pig. A bird will fly away with your luck, but a pig with its snout will find its way to luck for you. During the beginning of this year I gave her one of those LED pig key chain flashlights, and she very much enjoyed it! Thanks Neatorama!
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These are zombie feed holders. If you allow zombies to only feed at night when they are slow due to being solar powered, you force a time clock onto their metabolism so they are docile during the day. This device allows the zombies to munch away at the live feed so they can get their fill.

Shroedingers Cat Wanted Dead/Alive
XL black
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"The principle, while based on pistachios, applies to anything that requires work to eat."

That's why I like ordering edemame as an appetizer. Some people just pull the beans out with their teeth out of the pod, but I deshell them and lick the salt off the pod after.
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The game looks interesting in the case where you have to retrieve you exploded body parts after taking a heavy hit, but it probably will get a bit too repetitive.
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"I'm just going to start disseminating all these racist Asian stereotypes you guys keep promoting."

You do know that you just formed your own stereotype by grouping us all in the same category as Schilder and Vonskippy right? I don't think it seems like a fair opinion when I haven’t even heard of Schilder until today, and always have known that Vonskippy has a fierce allergy to human empathy.
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