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Not to be picky but 4' 8" x 2 is not 5' 7" - she is not twice his height. It would have been more entertaining if he had married 9' 4" woman.
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I have one - like others have said it works for 2-4 sheets, but beyond that it is a problem. They stay together about as well as papers do if they are paper cliped together. Great if you are going to shred later - no worries about staples.
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I used to ride the blue line weekly - this one is Centralen (the central station), IIRC. It is an amazing sight - it looks almost too natural.
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While it is neat that this guy made a decent guitar out of a tabletop, laminated pine is NOT a tone-wood, plus, in a solid body guitar as he built, wood has only a slight effect on tone - it has more to do with quality hardware, pickups and strings that the wood.

Pine isn't the most stable wood either, it might be interesting how well this guitar plays after a seasonal change or in a humid environment.
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I'm currently going through a tasting of every type of bubbly mineral water that I can find. I have a fridge full of half of these selections. Then range from yuck to awesome.
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