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The art and concept are great but why do they all have to look like emaciated death camp survivors? Some of those princesses had at least a little meat on their bones.
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Got to agree with AnotherAndrew. It is all marketing. Plus Abercrombie&Fitch are kind of well know for pushing ads with models not wearing theirs (or anyone's) clothes. Just sayin!
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This is utterly ridiculous. To use sex in this way cheapens and degrades it as well as the relationship behind it. If it destroys a relationship by cheating or whatever else the women only have themselves to blame.
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For his next invention: Something that someone already else invented or something so ridiculous that it make me want to hire a hooker just to punch her.
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Please get rid of this crap. These articles are a waste, they are utter rubbish. I know it's your buddy but c'mon make a different site for this junk.
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That is classic Asperger's syndrome. I am glad to see that it is not self destructive and that he has someone who will care for him through it.
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Eagle Scout project requirements require the applicant to plan, study, gain approvals and check local regulations prior to reporting and seeking approval from the local and district scouting organization.
Any fault for skimming over the union would be on the part of the city that O.K'ed this.
I have worked in Union run factories and have not one positive thing to say about them.
Nothing is better than having to risk a grievance because someone spilled 300 gallons of ink outside your office and the only way to exit for the next several hours is to clean yourself a path. Unions rob industry of teamwork and creativity while bolstering a sense of passivity and entitlement in the workforce.
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Thanks to our Savior Obama, we are doing the same thing. Except now, we get partial ownership in some badly run banks and two worthless car companies. Yay!
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Now if we could just waste huge piles of money on it just like we are doing in Washington!!! Yay for the worthless things that we buy that got us into the mess we are in now! Go Dems!
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