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This is despicable. Aren't we already paying for charging our devices through the ticket price (airport taxes) and by buying severely over-priced food and other stuff at the airport's shops?
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Just how many famous friends does Jimmy Kimmel have?
I have to agree though, it could have been a lot funnier. Kind of a missed opportunity here.
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Argh! Your comment system doesn't show Greek fonts (that's what all the ???? are).

And to answer Nick Gizburne's question
here Wikipedia says it in the first sentence of the article.
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I'm Greek and I approve of this post :)

I always enjoy how, despite the fact that the Greek language (as indeed every language) has evolved over time, many words remain unchanged over 2500+ years. For example Chronos (??????), Hypnos (?????), Echo (???) are the modern Greek words for time, sleep and... echo.

Also, Chronos (God of time) should not be confused with Kronos (lat. Cronus or Saturn, the father of Zeus).
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I watched all the Firefly episodes for the first time recently and it amazes me how stupid someone could have been to cancel this brilliantly scripted show. Such chemistry amongst cast members is something you very rarely see. Total and utter shame.
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Saying and doing the same things every day on this primitive ride even by 80s standards. Faking enthusiasm. Pretending to care about the enjoyment of the people your carrying. I couldn't do this job.
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Agreed with Timothy Collins and also, what is a wildebeest doing in the wild in China? I thought their native range is only in Africa.
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