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None of the poll options represent my opinion of "not a big deal" There are variations when you bake bread, you are not going to get any less meat cheese or other of the main ingredients of your sub because you are missing a half a bite of bread.
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Who needs a tv when you can look out your window and watch this all day.

Kudos for the warning signs and the girl futilely trying to tell people not to walk there. Bag of sand works wonders
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Fun and informative read about the life of a ladybug :) I didnt think they lived so long and Ive never seen one in any other stage than adult, they are much more creepy looking before they change
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Bird flu, Hoof and Mouth disease, Monkey pox, West Nile Virus, SARS and now Swine flu

It seems like every other year there is a new or returning disease to scare people. All the media coverage seems to do is reenforce American's xenophobic hatred of foreigners.
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It is sad. I think it is slightly better than when people treat a monkey or a dog as a child. At least here, no other living thing is being subjected to their obsession
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I saw a story about this. It said that the police stopped them at first from going ahead with the wrecking ball stunt because they were worried about how people would react to all that candy. From the video AllForFun posted it looks like they just sprung the built in trap door.

This was a PR stunt for Carnival, they also made the worlds largest beach ball.
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