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The video didn't prove his point to me. No reasonable person would have crashed in any of those situations and no cop would ticket you for taking a 2 second detour around an obstacle in the bike lane. If he was simply avoiding an obstacle in the bike lane he could explain that and get out of the fine but I suspect he was just riding in a regular lane.

I also don't understand how he was pulled over, just turn around and ride away.
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"What is your state worst at" made me think Colorado was worst at doing cocaine. However, when I read the list, Colorado was number one in cocaine use. If Colorado was the worst at doing cocaine wouldn't they be last? I would turn it around and say Colorado is the BEST at doing cocaine.
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Poor thing? What makes you say that?

They didn't hurt it at all and only scared it a bit before sending it off into the grass.

I wonder if wild hamsters always so ferocious
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Seems very inconvenient. For one thing, based on the demo, you are going to need one person inside and another outside to attach it to the window. It's very easy for one person to set up when you have a free standing window not attached to any building in the middle of a demo hall but when you are at home are you supposed to prop it up on one side then hope it doesnt fall away from the window when you go to the other side? Seems like even more trouble removing it from the window without help as 1/2 of your robot is just going to fall down and probably break. I think it would take more effort to set up and remove your window cleaning robot as it would to just wash the window yourself.

At first I thought it might be practical for high rises but it will need people to move it between windows wherever there is a gap, break in the glass or other obstacle. That, or buy thousands of them for every window. I wouldn't buy a robot and hire two people to watch it clean one window in the amount of time it takes one person to clean about ten windows himself.
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