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You're right, devices with the TENS configuration can be purchased for individual use, and many doctors prescribe them for pain relief, but they are a specific form of e-stim (electrical stimulation). The more powerful devices that elicit a muscle contraction are more expensive, and are discouraged for personal use because if used incorrectly, they can cause burns, affect the heart contractility, or negatively interact with electronic implants.
I'm a physical therapist who is trained in the use of these devices, and I overgeneralized a bit so I could get to my main point; it is impossible for the Livia to have any affect on uterine nerves for pain relief. To have enough current to affect visceral tissues, you need to penetrate all the surface tissues. TENS is a waveform/frequency protocol that is designed to work at a higher intensity without eliciting a contraction, but it would still cause painful abdominal muscle contractions if the intensity were high enough to penetrate to uterine sensory nerves.
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They are charging $85 for an e-stim device that you can easily purchase for between $25-$35 on amazon. In addition, there is no way that a device that small could generate enough electrical current to affect the deep nerves and visceral muscles of the uterus. And, even if it could, all of your abdominal muscles would be in constant painful spasm because there is no way to target deep muscles with e-stim without affecting all the surface muscles. It's a scam.
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Just need to watch The Animatrix and humans as a power source makes sense. The Second Renaissance Parts I & II tell the story of how robots evolve AI, humans continue to oppress, robots revolt, robots win the war and take revenge on humans by making them servants to the robots. It was never about efficiency.
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So I read the full study and it's completely skewed as expected. Excessive candy consumption was defined as more than 3.5 candy consumptions per week. The "data" were collected via survey with no indication of what a candy portion consisted of (single lollipop? row of oreo cookies? no telling!) What is telling however is the following quote:
"The ranges within each of the frequency categories were subjectively selected to provide roughly similar proportions of the population in each group while also corresponding to easily interpretable frequencies of consumption over the course of a month or week"
To call this science is a fallacy since there is no room for subjectivity in a scientific study. They essentially cherry picked the data to manipulate the numbers in their favor. They could have easily compared the once a month box of cookie bingers to the frequent small mint candy suckers and shown no difference between the groups. Laughable!!
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Yes, Machiavellian mom, you have successfully made your children weaker. The whole point of that quote is that working together makes groups stronger. Are your children a threat to you? Keep them pitted against each other so they don't jeopardize your ruling authority? This is just silly.
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You actually need to use organic pesticides in greater amounts to achieve the same effectiveness. Also, certain GM crops are designed to be undesirable to local pests, yield more crops per acre, and can be sustained with less water. I recommend reading up on Norman Borlaug, the man who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize and credited with saving the lives of over 1 billion people worldwide with GM foods. Cross pollination is a roll of the dice. You can get a good result mixed with some bad as well. We now have the ability to target specific genes to express the traits we want, but maintaining the integrity of the much more efficient.
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