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So why don't the other two do exactly the same? They'd know too after _not_ hearing themselves speak. Am I missing something?
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I´m not a fan of playing bass with pick, but this is awesome.
An incredible achievement, well done. This line by Muse is always chosen as ´the best bass line ever´ and while my personal tastes are quite different, this is impressive. Very cool machine.
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My kids got these as a present. They suck ! They ended up in the closet after 2 tries. There they take up enormous amounts of space. They are now in a dump somewhere. What a waste of perfectly good plastic!
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Ooo that reminds me of the infamous ´Bami Ham Kaas´ which is Noodles but with Ham and Cheese, pressed into a brick shape, breaded and deepfried. You eat it out of an Automatiek. Google that last one. :)
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There´s a bar I go to sometimes that has this.
The waiters never pay attention and by the time they enter your order the prices have gone up.

When there´s a crash, there´s not enough waiters to take orders.

And then. Price on Fosters may drop to below zero, there´s no way I´m buying that stuff.
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I always used spent tires where I´d remove the steel rings. So basically double tires. The extra rolling resistance is really noticable though, can´t really recommend it.

I´m using Schwalbe Marathon now and rarely ever have a puncture. Daily use & loads of glass on the streets....those things pay for themselves.
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Sample preparation will be another challenge all by itself....you can´t just go and stick stuff in there you know.
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How about colours ?

When does mauve start to be purple, where is the exact boundary between Antracite & dark grey ?

Unsolved, unsolved, I can´t sleep now....
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That somehow reminds me of the old joke about a prostitute with a glass eye who was known to sing the national anthem while giving bl*wjobs.
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Good way to visualize just how much energy is stored in a spinning centrifuge.
This is just your household model.

Imagine what happens if one of those ultracentrifuges in a laboratory breaks....

I´ve heard several stories about rotors snapping off the main axle....
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