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yeah, eye-key-ah seems like just an Americanized version of the name. Most people have no issue with these types of adaptations. Being of Polish decent, I don't worry about people saying "PER-oh-ghee".. unless you are Polish.. then you have no excuse for pronouncing it this way :)
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hmm.. mis-attributing intent to cats seems to be the latest rage (take, for example, the cat who snuggled on the pregnant woman's belly and then on the newborn baby) .. looks like this cat wanted to do battle (playfully, or otherwise), and just happened to lower to prison walls...
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Fun read, but I would tend to guess the locals can pick holes in just about any show out of hollywood that claims to take place in a particular city. I can remember locals commenting on how the Gilmore Girls didn't know how to pronounce the Berlin Turnpike correct...
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I have one of those containers. They claim to be bug-proof. Don't remember any claim of being dog-proof (or pet-proof - we use ours for cat food).
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Personally, I think they were all too big on talent and ego to make it last. Early on, they had a united goal of being the "Toppermost of the Poppermost", but once that was accomplished, and they had time to go out into the world, they started to become their own men (with new, and different intersted - you can even see/hear it in the later music that they had differences in styles they preferred). And, as Eddie mentions, they all started to realize they were talented enough to lead their own musical careers.
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Don't know if it is true or not, but I've heard that Hitler actually had a fascination with the occult and things such as the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail. Wouldn't that mean Captain America and Raiders of the Lost Ark were just making reference to history, rather than one giving a nod to the other?
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I see this a lot at farm stands. I don't think the people running the farms have time to sit there and wait for people to come along and buy the stuff.

Granted, a lot of the time they have a lockbox and not an open till, but if someone really wanted to, I can't image it would be difficult to break into the lockbox...
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