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A young hot shot, heading for the big time.. trashes a small town... has to do community service... gets out... realizes loves the small town and its residents and comes back...? man, I loved Cars... er.. I mean, Doc Hollywood... (and before you comment, yes, I realized Cars came after Doc Hollywood.. but I really do love Doc Hollywood)
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We also let the boys use knives.. I can only imagine how THAT would go! Oh, wait, I do know how that goes.. we teach them to treat the knives with respect. And they do. And we don't have issues.
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yeah, Space Mountain is basically a roller coaster similar to any basic coaster you can find at any amusement park across the country, just in the dark.
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I agree, unfair. But I think the purpose of the video is to show that fencing is not just stabbing someone with a sword. When my 9 year old son started taking lessons, I was worried he'd think he could just hack and slash people, but we both learned there's a lot more strategy going on than someone with only a passing knowledge of fencing would think...

Oh, and being quick certainly helps.
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I think cats just don't get reflections.. mine stares at the glass fireplace doors sometimes, watching to see what the cat in the fireplace is going to do next...
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For honorable mention, I'd add Mr. Hooper and Coach from Cheers (though they didn't spend much time on Coach's death, the addition of Woody was a good way to deal with the loss)
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"But that’s far from the total of his filmography. Hemsworth had a substantial career in soap operas in his native Australia, and quite a few other movies under his belt."

What? Kevin, in Ghostbusters, his best role by far, is not even mentioned?
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yeah, eye-key-ah seems like just an Americanized version of the name. Most people have no issue with these types of adaptations. Being of Polish decent, I don't worry about people saying "PER-oh-ghee".. unless you are Polish.. then you have no excuse for pronouncing it this way :)
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hmm.. mis-attributing intent to cats seems to be the latest rage (take, for example, the cat who snuggled on the pregnant woman's belly and then on the newborn baby) .. looks like this cat wanted to do battle (playfully, or otherwise), and just happened to lower to prison walls...
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Fun read, but I would tend to guess the locals can pick holes in just about any show out of hollywood that claims to take place in a particular city. I can remember locals commenting on how the Gilmore Girls didn't know how to pronounce the Berlin Turnpike correct...
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I have one of those containers. They claim to be bug-proof. Don't remember any claim of being dog-proof (or pet-proof - we use ours for cat food).
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