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I see this a lot at farm stands. I don't think the people running the farms have time to sit there and wait for people to come along and buy the stuff.

Granted, a lot of the time they have a lockbox and not an open till, but if someone really wanted to, I can't image it would be difficult to break into the lockbox...
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I think it is more "acceptable" to talk about it now. I am sure if John were still alive, he'd be admitting it, too.

Or it is just Paul inventing his own reality again :)
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We have one of these at work - it is called a cafeteria.

Unless they plan to have waitstaff, in which case, how will the ensure the waitstaff doesn't overhear all these sensitive secrets?
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6/10. A lot of the them I was able to deduce by the name ("bang" being a computer term for exclamation), or from similar terms (because being an upside-down therefore)
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@Fae - well, when Bilbo asked it, he didn't say "pocketses"... that was gollum responding.

The Egg riddle is one of the first I taught my daughter. I think some of her teachers are impressed she knows so much about the Hobbit...
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I heard a story than John and Paul had agreed to swap the order of the names with each album but the label nixed that for legal reasons or somesuch. Not sure if it is true or not.
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this assumes the Death Star is made on the planet Earth.. obviously, the raw materials came from another planet rich in them and was made with slave labor... (the slave women wearing steel bikinis, of course)
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I am guessing it worked on the way back to Canada because I believe you don't need a passport to get into Canada from the US unless you are flying...

Either way, I am hoping they just took pity on the guy because it was Christmas... feel bad for any subsequent people who think to do this for sh!ts and giggles...
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I've actually never heard the 9 of diamonds referred this way, but this is all fascinating. I would lean toward #1. Seems most plausible.

Only thing I take issue with is -- in Fish you generally don't ask for a specific card, do you? You would normally only ask, "do you have any nines?"
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@Crash171 - I wasn't saying the educated believe that. But it is easy for me to believe the uneducated would be more likely to believe it without proof. Honestly, I don't know if the uneducated thought that during this time. Wouldn't surprise me if someone at some time thought this true.

Heck, a large percentage of our country doesn't believe in evolution, some using the (incorrect) argument, "well, then, where is the half-man, half-monkey today??" (yes, one of my friends used this argument with me once)
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Actually, the way I always heard it was the Columbus "proved" the world was round... I think, at the time, there may have been more distrust of mathematical or scientific "proof" than empirical proof.

Truth be told, if there was no evidence that the world was round, rather than flat, then Columbus would have been an idiot to sail the way he did.

Not that I am defending the guy for, well, anything, but honest, I never heard it described as "discovering" the world was round...
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ps - earlier in the day, he was also at the Peabody museum for a day of cooking with insects. One of the waiters came around while we were eating offering a rice dish with crickets and some kind of worm for the protein. Being vegetarians, we politely declined.

It was interesting to hear him talk about how it is strictly an American thing to have an aversion to "bugs" as a source of protein.
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I was not a sushi fan (I am vegetarian) before going to this restaurant. But eating the choices here and talking to the chef as he went to tables to talk with people, I have been converted - both for the awesome choices he offers as well as for his philosophy.
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There is a lot more to this story. Living in the New Haven area, I know that this is the biggest game each year for both of these schools. And I agree - I think, when looking for jobs, a Rhodes Scholarship is great, but what employer is not gonna know this kid as the one who gave up the scholarship one year to keep his commitment to his team. I'd almost rather hire someone who is a team player than book smart...

Also, he is unable to fly down in the morning for the interview because they are required to stick around in case there is a follow-up interview.

And, as many have mentioned, it can reapply next year.

To be honest, I am not sure anyone goes to Yale to play football thinking they have a great shot to make the NFL. There are dozens of other schools where football/sports is placed much higher than education. Connecticut's already got one of those schools (UCONN).
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