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It is amazing how much time has been spent trying to buff and polish this cow flop of a message to reveal it's inner charm and meaning.

To bad it wasn't terminated as "A free thinker is."
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If everyone would wear a burkha there wouldn't be a problem with these dress codes - except that we'd have to believe security guards that they really did have a badge on under the baggy outfit.
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The '88 Calgary Olympics were a watershed in at least one way - with Eddie the Eagle and the Jamaican bobsled team at least some folks participated to have fun. Since that time the OOC has limited participation to those who have a chance of winning. Nothing like seeing a bunch of wind up dolls going thru their program almost perfectly every time. And it's getting worse ... Usain Bolt has been criticized for getting excited when he wins.There will undoubtedly be a requirement for appropriate stoicism at all future games.
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I have always been intrigued by the connections between the Ainu and the Basque (http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/1160355/posts) and the potential of a Ainu origin of some North American aboriginal populations.

With regard to the latter, some studies have pointed to the Kennewick mann as an example of this tie in addition to similarities of language.
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Perhaps the next question should be : Of the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus and an honest politician which would be the best tap dancer? Since all of the participants in both questions are either imaginary or so blown out of their original reality that they are no longer recognizable any answer is correct or a least defendable.
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It all comes down to the fact that almost no one addresses a problem before the pain of not addressing it becomes greater than the pain of addressing it. Hopefully this occurs before the original problem kills you.

Instead of finding a solution and putting in the hard work and pain to enact it, there's always the procrastinator's prayer - "Gawd, please give me another chance, I promise I won't piss it away like all the other times!"
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The story demonstrates that you have to be "just enough" mad to be let go. As I went blind my Company gave me more and more work involving putting numbers into complex corporate reports with a zero error tolerance. They wanted me to quit i.e. get no severance package. I countered with a program to get fired - Dilbert cartoons on my corkboard, refusal to participate in Company cake and coffee congratulations events, Black Lodge circle drum pow-wow music playing softly in my office, but 100% on time solid work (no excuse for "with cause" dismissal).
I was "too mad" and had to put in several years as Dilbert's buddy Wally. Making a career of eccentric behavior is oddly satisfying..
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As an aside, the use of emoticons should be considered when making statements that someone might misinterpret as serious.

In response to the question though - Noel?
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I'm still trying to figure out what's going on in the picture. Is young Jimmy in bed, getting in or out of clothing?

It mostly looks like adult-at-the-door is keeping watch to ensure that adult-concealed-under-the-sheet isn't disturbed.

So much for never be alone with one adult!
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