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Yes, anything hot will do. Think of all the middle eastern folks comfortably drinking tiny cups of scorching hot tea or coffee, and wondering at the antics of the sweaty westerners gulping litres of iced drinks.
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The trouble with breeding foxes for tameness is that, as the behaviour gets more and more doglike, so does the appearance of the fox. The late-generation "tame" foxes in the Russian experiments looked more like dogs than foxes - with short noses, floppier ears and so on. I think even the bushy tail was going...
It seems that the genes influencing wildness/tameness are tied up with the ones which make the appearance foxlike/doglike.
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DerStickler, Jeff - I'm afraid it's not that simple. Just at the time that leg armour was becoming most complex and fully enclosing the leg, knights were getting _off_ their horses to fight (most famously at Azincourt, but then on through the wars of the Roses into the Tudor period). When you think of the typical image of a knight clad head to foot in shining armour, it is very likely he fought on foot.

Medieval armour - I wear it often - is heavy when you carry it in a sack, but surprisingly light when the weight is spread over your body. You tire faster, sure enough, but you are not really much slower. And tired is better than skewered. I can run, jump and turn cartwheels in mine. But no marathons please.

It does get very stinky, as do the clothes and padding you wear underneath. The best remedy seems to be a good bake in the sun while you enjoy a cold beer. :)
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Try Swedish houses, especially in Dalarna.

The red paint all came from the Falun copper mines, but the origin is a royal decree, allegedly.
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PS Hayabusa is the model of the bike. It's made by Suzuki, and for several years was the fasted road-legal bike available straight from the manufacturer, with a top speed of over 300kmh, or about 190mph.
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I think it's stupid & dangerous.

A motorcyclist uses both feet, the left for changing gear (up and down flicking movements), the right for the rear break (a downward push). If this rider wedges the levers in the skates to make sure they don't slip off, he is still going to lose "feel" through those rigid soles.

And when he needs to put his feet down when stopping, what if he can't get them free? This will mean a topple from the bike - not dangerous at a stop, unless you fall under traffic...

And jenvanleigh - don't do it! You are going to break your foot!
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