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who posted this crap... neatorama is not a place for this rubbish... its obviously not real, and people need to do some research! what happened to neatorama? i thought this was a place where bullsh*t stories like this don't surface
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there is a tv in the custom built armoire which totally fits in with the whole huckberry/pooh look of the room... very cool! not sure about the buckets on the wall? but its a cute design and i LOVE all the hidden carpeted storage spots! very cool
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also in the chinese culture you will undoubtedly have notice table manners in formal situations are totally different, no elbow rules... but taking the first or last thing on a plate without being directed to is totally unkosher... like wise with accepting gifts, they must always be refused then offered once more or even several times before really being accepted, and its rather rude to open wrapped gifts in front of others (even the bearer)... feels quite odd when giving gifts...
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don't forget new zealand came out of the water (instead of separating from Gondwanaland) so there are no poisonous animal or insects or spiders of any sort, and only very seldom in the water (normally drifters from Australia) but on land it might be the safest place in the world... so safe alot of animals that arrived by flight (pre humans) have de-evolved in the absence of predators.
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I'm KIWI!!! (its what new Zealanders call ourselves) i live in New Zealand and i did the south island last year, its amazing, truly breathtaking... but alot of the LOTR is filmed in the north island (inland from Taranaki) but i've lived here all my life and only just done the south island, its so remote and you truly feel like the last people on earth its kinda nice.
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i take and ship out orders to clients, and i draw on the packaging that goes in to the boxes (blank cardboard) i thought it was just a cool way to keep up my artistic skills, i went in to on the stores to do a drop off one day, and the sales girl (who unpacks my stock) was so excited to find out that i had been the one who was drawing everything... and she pulled me in to the back room, where there are three big cupboards which the inside of the doors were all lined with my doodles! big and small, all immaculately taped... now i feel like i have an audience!
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i just got back from Beijing, and more than one place had "wikipedia" as a "main ingredient" on several dishes... i asked, and its some kind of hairy mushroom??
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The proper Chinese name for pre­served eggs is Songhua or Songhua Dan (pine-flower eggs)— so called because, when shelled, these solidified but semi­transparent eggs show flowery patterns like pine needles inside. The more and the prettier the patterns, the higher is the qual­ity of the egg. and its DUCK EGG... YUM!
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aww common, thousand year eggs are fab! (a little ginger thinly sliced and soy, perhaps a dash of sesame oil keep it simple) on rice or tofu is delish... dont knock it till you try it... its very aromatic and nothing like sulfur and rot... theres alot less yummy things like silkworm larvae, (altho huhu grub from new Zealand ain't all bad, like a crunchy salty peanut butter) i think its one of those must do before you die things... and much like marmite/vegemite, it really is an acquired taste, but you never know you might just like it!
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hell pizza is a chain we have here in New Zealand, they have a really good gimmick going, they have hursts for deliveries and recently bought a soul off the local online auctions site (like ebay) they also have the cute pizza boxes that have a punch out coffin shape for left overs :)
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omg, that was so sad.... i felt really bad for him
but its creepy to learn about the Disney stalkers.
you'd have to be demented.

anyways love the post it was a great pick up
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