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Canadians don't, in fact, usually buy their milk in bags. There are parts of Canada that still have milk in bags available, but it's not nearly as widely available as it was decades ago, and there are many people who have never purchased their milk in bags.
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Among many great stories of children sticking things up their noses at reddit, this comment stands out:

When my son was 3 we were leaving a campground. Suddenly from his chair in the back seat he starts yelling "Agggh!...waisin! waisin!" while swatting the right side of his nose. My wife takes a peek and sure enough, a huge raisin is jammed up there. I turn the car around and start bee lining to the next town where we could get a doctor, or tweezers, or chopsticks, or something. On the way my wife is trying to get him to blow his nose. "Hold the tissue over your nose and breath out as hard as you can! Like this..!" He tries a few times when ploot, out of the other nostril flies a pumpkin seed.
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Bless Brandon and his new dog. Lucky doggy to finally get a loving 'fur'ever home. May they both be very happy together and have long lovely lives.
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It must be noted that the soundtrack to Guardians of the Galaxy (using music recovered from an '80s mixtape owned by StarLord as a kid), is full of potential guilty pleasures, stating with "Hooked on a Feeling (Ooga Chucka)" by Blue Swede, not to mention "Escape (The Pina Colada Song)" by Rupert Holmes.
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I do not feel guilty liking "Weird Al" Yankovic or the Arrogant Worms (or other comedy music artists), but I do have one artist that is kind of a guilty pleasure: John Denver.

Most people I know do not like John Denver, but his music (particularly "Country Roads") brings back fond memories from childhood.
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Uh...anyone else wondering why the mommy was in such a hurry to abandon her kid alone in the driveway? I get that she was calling for help...but she couldn't pick up the kid and swoop him inside?
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Are you insane? It's like saying that the descendants of black slaves now enjoy the benefits of the American life, so it's all good! The internment of Japanese Americans (I emphasize that these were citizens, many born in the U.S.A.) was an act unbecoming and unworthy of the ideals that we cherish in this country. Citizens of Italian and German descent were not put under official blanket suspicion or placed in camps en masse. Concerns over sleeper agents among Japanese Americans were clearly prompted as much by racism as military considerations. This last statement is in agreement with the official U.S. position on the internment, signed by President Reagan.
The internment also involved forfeiture of property, including valuable farmland and businesses on the West Coast. With few exceptions, in which friends and neighbors purchased property at auction and held it in trust against the return of their interned neighbors, property was transferred to others and never returned at the end of the internment. The unsafe, impoverished and harsh environment of the camps resulted in many deaths of innocent and loyal citizens. Many of the internees proved up their loyalty with their lives by fighting in the most decorated military unit deployed in the war: the 442nd Infantry Regiment. Even while their families languished unjustly in primitive and dangerous conditions in the mountains of California, the Japanese-American fighters of the 442nd advanced the cause of the nation that turned against them.
The infamous Executive Order 9066 should serve as a reminder to all that war hysteria will make monsters of us all. The shameful acts surrounding the internment must not be minimized.
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I'm guessing this magpie was raised by the family from a fledgling, since it shows no hesitation to play with the humans either. Also, I've never seen a bird lie on it's side like that, legs in the air. That looks like a behavior it's learned from playing with the puppies. I wonder if it will learn any human speech?
Corvids are awesome.
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