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Having worked at Ikea, I can tell you that there are no radically different stores, they all have a very similar layout. Of course they want you to stay and see everything they have so you buy more. That being said, I can also tell you that the public refuses to look around and read signs. If they did, they would find it very easy to get out quickly whenever necessary. One of the reasons I quit was because they wouldn't do anything about the lack of cashiers/huge lineups, one can only take so much abuse from understandingly frustrated customers.
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These gentlemen may have come up with the idea prior WWI, but the pictures are all dated 1918, which is the year the war ended.
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Yes, you can be just friends. I mean, are you really sexually attracted to every member of your preferred gender? Surely you can enjoy the company of someone you don't want to sleep with.
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That's not faked. I've had the surgery, and it's a totally surreal recovery. The mom probably knew what the results would be like, and decided to film it. I was concerned about the driving too, but she must have had the camera mounted on something, or it would've been much shakier. Hilarious!
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@ vonskippy
He may not have vivid details of being 4 years old, but I have some vivid memories from when I was that age, don't you?
As far as records go, you should take a look at some genealogical sites. You can find census, birth, death and marriage records from way back. I have parish records from when my grandfather was born in 1886 in Newfoundland, a newspaper article from when his parents go married in 1882, his enlistment papers from WWI, and census records from 1916.

I think it's wonderful that at his age Walter is so positive and seemingly very healthy. I hope he has a family and that they realize what a gift it is to have the opportunity to get to know this man.
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"a love for the imperfect"? this cannot have anything to do with the fashion world. It's like wearing glasses when you don't need them, just to be fashionable. Who's imperfection or disability are you going mock next?
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Wow, your ignorance regarding the plight of young women in these countries is astounding. If the only way to get an education, or even a meal, was to get some money from someone who might rape you anyway, you might have a different point of view. If the girls get paid to go to school, then they don't have to prostitute themselves to survive.
maybe you should stop trying to pick up teenage girls, and they would be more reasonable.
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The paper clip guy got a lot of amazing trade-ups because of the story, not because he was a good bargainer. It sounds like this young man made some good choices and got the car of his dreams.
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Who would bet 8 million dollars on a 50/50 chance of winning? I wouldn't call it an investment.
And Johnny Cat is right, in order to make your odds 50/50, you would have to fill out the forms for 8 million different number combinations. At 5 seconds per form, it would take you 462 days, without sleeping, to fill them out. And how long do think it would take the guy at 7-11 to process them?
Hey, did you know, here in Canada, we don't have to pay taxes on lottery winnings? So if it's a big jackpot (not that it ever gets to hundreds of millions)we get to keep it all!
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@lester dent and Missbookworm
If you look at the pegs, you will see a raised ridge along the side. It is probably an orientation line.
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Take a look at a map. Find Wollaston Lake. What else is around it? If you started following the poles, you could walk hundreds of miles before you ever found someone. Except maybe some of the really hungry bears.
No one would ever have found him. He did the smart thing. Inconvenient for the people of WL, but they would have done the same thing in his place.
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I already have something like that. It's from the birthday suit line, and it's called a face! Unfortunately , this accessory is not compatible for those who have recently purchased from the botox collection.
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I too refused to play Operation. And also a game called Perfection, where you had to get all the little shapes in before the the buzzer went and popped up all your pieces. Even my Mom gave me a hard time for having such delicate nerves!
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@ VonSkippy - The dog may not have a wife and kids to show his medal to, but surely he has someone who takes care of him that will be proud to show the medal to others. Dogs know when a big fuss is being made over them and I am sure he was pleased to be the centre of attention that day.
And we can't give Gravity a medal, even if it had a mass to affix the medal to; it would keep throwing it on the ground!
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According to a tv interview with the researcher, Stanley Coren (who used to have a show called "Good Dog"!),he said it was 165 words and gestures.
My dog didn't know what the word "lipstick" meant, but he used to whine every time he saw me put it on, because he knew it meant I was going out.
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