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Haven't you ever seen videos of swimming babies? (to lazy to find one for you). It seems very instinctive. But then I think you would lose that instinct if you didn't keep it up.
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I would love a "slow tv" channel. i've already had the fire log on this fall...
Thanks Daniel Kim, I think I know what I'm doing for the next - 12 hours?
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I just spent a few weeks with relatives in the UK this past summer. All signs for bathrooms said "toilets". They wash their dishes with fairy liquid. Muffins are what you americans would call rolls, and we canadians would call buns! If you ask for lemonade, you get 7up. A truck is a lorry, but no one there drives a pickup truck anyway! It's interesting that they use a lot of french terms, considering their history with France. (Maybe it is because of their history with France?) Aubergine=eggplant. Courgette=zucchini. Gateaux=cake. Fete=party.
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Ooh, I like it! Wish I had known sooner, would have done something for today. (Who has school on Saturday?) Thanks for the list, I see there's a participating Indigo across town.
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I used to work at a movie theatre (best job for a teenager ever!). I still love popcorn. When I go to the movies I sneak in my own pop, but blow the budget on popcorn.
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I'm not an American, so this is just an outsider's opinion. I don't understand how anyone thinks it does not affect them. Maybe not today, but it will in the long run. Is your government representative getting paid during this "furlough"? Is it possible to find candidates for office that are there to do their job, not there to keep their job?
Not like politics are all rosy here either:(
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Some of those people spent 8 hours a day, more with overtime, 50 weeks a year, for over 40 years, at a job that sucked the life out of them. Only to retire with their gold watch at 65, and die a few years later without a complaint. Oh boy.
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Sometimes I see how little some students focus on getting their work done in class. Is all this homework assigned to be done at home? Or is it because she didn't do it at school?
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I guess I worded that poorly, what I mean is that if not every moment if filled with wonder and amazement, the kids are bored. I work in a school in an upper middle class town, and too many students think that they can just live off their parents forever. Not a lot a work ethic.
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People have the attitude that school is for entertainment, not education. Sure it should be interesting, but everyone has responsibilities, and a student's responsibility is to go to school and do their best to learn. Lack of personal accountability permeates all social classes, in all aspects of life. And not just in the US.
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Great story!
George actually listens to his guests, and is interested in what they are saying. He does get a little too enthusiastic and leans in...
Just remember, he's Canada's boyfriend.
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Hogwarts! I would have picked the library planet, but as much as I love The Doctor, who wants to be watching out for flesh eating shadows when you're trying to read?
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