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Miscellania beat me to it.
@Delta-did you not wonder why there was a jump in comments on the septych?
I check my DA works on a monthly basis. When I see a sudden burst in comments or if there is a sudden number of likes on a work - I know that it has been posted somewhere on the Internet. And begin looking for it.
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I raided my mothers record collection in the mid 80s, when I was in my mid teens, in it was that 45 with 13 Women. I actually like that song. Becuasewhen i switched it over to the B side, I reacted as "ugh. Theme from Happy Days. Whatever." flipped it back over.
But it has always bothered me that the number of women in the song totals 15. Unless that 15th gal was also the one who sweetened his tea.
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I can say that the pancakes made with this machine are almost on level with an IHOP or VI pancake. The plus is that they are always cooked perfectly and never burned. And because they are usually found at the continental breakfast bar they are "free".
It is a QuickCakes machine.
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1)Kisai Rogue SR2 LED Watch (Black and Green LCD)
2)Rock Paper Scissors ... Bomb! - 2X- Oatmeal
3)Never Grow Up (shirt)- 2x - Black
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What is funny, is that I made some Blue Sky candy. But mine looks like glass. not rock candy. And I slapped a Los Pollos Hermaños sticker on it.
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Not necessarily. As a TK I can give a little perspective as to how a helmet like that comes about.
You start out with a new and shiny bucket. You add padding to the inside so it fits your head. Later on, you finally saved enough cash to get the audio system that fits inside the helmet and uses the tusks as speakers. Then you realize that after a while you decide you want to upgrade the lenses. After a year or two, you decide that you want to add fans to keep you cool. The best option is to purchase a new helmet and then start clean, because you already know a better way of doing something and you have an idea as to how to do it, and make the helmet comfortable.
Now you have an old bucket. There are options for it.
* sell it to a noob who is looking to get into becoming a member of the 501st but doesn't have a lot of money.
* "dirt it up" and customize it into a Sandtrooper bucket.
* Deathtrooper, Hello Kitty Trooper, Batman Trooper...
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Philly cheese steak with green chile on it. Om nom

Green chile is our state vegetable. But the green chile cheeseburger seems to be our state food.
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Well I guess that accounts for the one million liters or raw sewage that goes into the river everyday. What about the other 999 million liters?
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Totally agree with Drunk Hulk and Dev. But I cannot agree with you John. The most recent offering of Strawberry Filling Oreos, was just horrid.
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@Ratz - I think the resulting eruption was due to the surface being broken. Kind of like creme brûlée. You break the crust in that and the cream starts to come up.
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Thanks for continuing to have the TokyoFlash contest. It is something I enjoy, even when I don't win. BTW - if I do, I will send pics of me wearing all of the items.

1) Rogue SR2 Black +Green LCD
2) Rock Paper Scissors ... Bomb in XXL oatmeal
3) Stormtrooper- LEGO Star Wars Key light
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These mirrors are on busses and semi-trucks. Have been for years. This is not a new discovery. Only a new application.

And you should never rely on just your mirrors when you drive.
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I thought it was pretty neat. Very well executed.

@dfzxhf- it was actually supposed to be the sequel to Alien. It was to explore the dead pilot of the space ship that appeared briefly in the first movie. But then Cammeron was approached with the AvP crossovers and then it was shelved, because it would create a sort of confusion with the original Alien line.
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Sun damage and age also destroys the elasticity of your skin. There are structures under your face and around your eye area that will begin to sag when that top layer loses elasticity. Your eyes are not just some melon balls sitting in a socket. There are muscles and fat that keep your eyes cushioned and centered in your socket. When the fat starts to thin, and the muscles start to get pulled on by the sagging skin that it supports, your eyes also begin to drop.

I don't think he has had a stroke.

I drive school bus, and i had noticed at work, that most of the drivers have one arm more tan than the other.
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