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And some cleaning lady has to wash off what looks like permanent ink from all those surfaces. This guy isn't witty. He's just another a*hole.
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I remember seeing this news clip being replayed on a couple different shows, like That's Incredible and other comedy clip shows. I was amazed as a little kid at his gifts. He should really get into a rap battle with Eminem.
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I was city hall mailroom clerk in a small midwestern city. About 90% of my job was signing for packages from animal control. They were almost always rabies specimens, which included dead bats, or the heads of dogs or cats. The specimins always in a cardboard box, but there were stickers on the outside saying, "Rabies - danger blah blah", and what animal. There was a small dorm fridge that I got to place these in until someone would stop by with a cooler for pickup. (Sidenote: I managed to get fired from this job on 9/12/2001 for showing up late twice. I joined the air force the same day.)
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I was a sophomore in 1992, taking a midterm test in my American History class. For extra credit, we were told to name the presidents, from Washington to Polk. Next to the pencil sharpener: a poster with all 42 (at the time) presidents. I sharpened my pencil like 4 times during that test. Terrible luck with breaking my lead. Sadly, the poster was taken down shortly after (I was probably too obvious), and I was forced to memorize the presidents from Washington to GRANT for the final. I still remember the mnemonic device I used for those presidents.
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Let it happen. While Watchmen (according to many) is the best comic book series or mini-series ever printed, a movie-version of a prequel will not ruin the actual product. The television mini-series "Scarlet", a sequel to Gone With The Wind, did not ruin the original. The film version of A League of Extraordinary Gentlemen did not ruin my reading of the comics (or their much older character sources). A prequel to Watchmen will not ruin the original comics.
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