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And she said that this birthday was not only HIS birthday? LOL Where does that type of thinking even come from? Can children no longer accept that they only have one birthday a year? Do they feel jealous when they get invited to some other kids' bash? What's with that? Amazing.
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It drives me nuts when you see parents just totally ignoring their children as the children run, scream, destroy displays, jump on beds and other furniture, run at full speed into you and basically make life hell for fellow shoppers at the mall. How do they justify this lack of consideration for other people when out in public? I do not understand.

I recently saw a little girl just get up on the tables at a fast food joint (outside the USA) in full view of her parents who just totally ignored her as she climbed all over the tables, and, in doing so, disturbed me as I calmly sat nearby minding my own business. When I told the little girl to get down off the tables and go sit down, her parents got angry at ME.

Yup. Moderation is indeed needed in today's world.
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From one of the links: If every time you meet a person with a different viewpoint than you and all you want to do is tell them how stupid they are, you’re gonna have a bad time.

Something that many people commenting on blogs on the net should heed! I hope to remember to cite this the next time it happens here on ntorama.
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What could we possibly do about it, even if it were true? Stop breathing? Stop heating our homes? Stop raising cattle? Stop driving cars? What is it exactly that you would expect to be done to cause the temperatures to decrease?

Do you really think China is going to reduce the amount of fossil fuels that they use because some people claim that the planet is being heated up by Man? Do you?

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Wow, I don't know anyone who waits for a carrot to be dangled in front of them in order to make an effort.

There have always been people who are wealthy and people who are not. Why does that shock some of you?
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Typical British git. Bashing Americans to sell something.

I notice however that, on the website, the only bags left in stock are the ones that do bash Americans. LOL I hope they get stuck with a warehouse full of them! Serves 'em right, isn't it.
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No, there is nothing wrong with talking about how to make America better. In fact, it's being done every day. By Americans. We don't need sorkin's leftie preaching.

What solution is Sorkin offering in his shows anyhow? Any? None!

The man is making huge money and dissing the very country and audience that allows him to make that money! H.y.p.o.c.r.i.t.e much?

What is NOT useful is only ever talking about America in negative terms, when there is plenty here to be proud of. That's why people get tired of the sorkinesque preaching. For someone like Sorkin, being Republican is always bad. Being Democrat can only be good. That's such a limited way of looking at life and America, isn't it. Such intolerance from the bigwig Hollywood writer! He's preaching intolerance and self-hate.

I can do without him.
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For heaven's sake, you cannot compare a peanut to a watermelon.

What is it that you are allowed to do in your country that Americans are not allowed to do in the USA? Americans are incredibly free. Are you trying to say that Norwegians have more freedom than Americans? To do what exactly? LOL Cook bread on a fire outside in the snow? LOL

I don't see any Americans around me any less free now than when I was growing up. So quit already with the civil liberties stuff.

As for muslims having a hard time...please. Ever been to the Bosniac Muslim area in St Louis? It is up to immigrant populations to integrate into OUR culture, you know. It's give and take, not just take take take. Those immigrants who make a real effort are always given a chance. Heck, you can even live in the USA without having to speak English. Go to Chinatown in SF, CA one day.
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It's a shame that the first makers of the current group-in-a-house reality shows had to start fiddling with people and events in order to fake story lines.

I remember watching one of the first shows and it was not exciting but it was a fairly good reflection of the society I knew. Most of the people behaved normally and weren't dreaming of celebrity as a career.

Then, the producers started choosing freaks and women with triple ppp breasts and it just became a very badly-made game show.

And I never understood why these people sat around complaining about not being able to have sex for a few weeks. My gosh, do people nowadays not know how to keep their intimate lives private?

I would be so ashamed to behave like that on TV...
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anothermichael: Amen, brother.

So fed up with all the stuff websites throw at my computer... Can't anyone make websites without monetizing them to the max these days?

I can understand needing some revenue but just look at this page we're on. How much is content and how much is marketing, etc? Neatorama is not the worst, by any means. I really find myself avoiding the sites that kill you with cookies and and all that.

In any case, I checked out my profile at google and they had me totally wrong! LOL Way to go, databasers! LOL
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Gosh, I hate those websites that want you to click 25 times just to read a few lines and see a few pix. Didn't even bother to click twice. Not worth it.
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wordygrrl, goodness you have an incredibly limited view of people who vote Republican and the American South. Since when do all people living in the South vote Republican? LOL If they did, there would never be any Democrats in the White House.

Worst of all you assume that because people vote Republican that they do so ''blindly'', meaning that you think they are dumb. How intolerant of you. Can't deal with the fact that not everyone has the same beliefs as you do? Grown up much?

In any case, if you think poverty amd racism are limited to the South, try visiting Detroit one of these days. (And, yes, racism isn't just a white people thing...surprise.) Or that church in Chicago where our current president sat and listened to hate-filled anti-white sermons for 20 years. Amen.

Thanks to Adam for pointing out that diabetes is indeed genetic. There are thin people who are diabetic and fat people who are not. I have family in South Texas and several are diabetic. And none of them are obese.
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Well, it's also cultural. Try walking down a busy sidewalk in France. No one will move to avoid bumping into you. Except older people. That's how they drive, too, btw.
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Exactly, when we will the Chinese stop just doing anything they want for the sake of their ''medecine''. For heaven's sake, it's 2012. Is there no one there who can learn about antibiotics? Oh, no, mustn't criticize the Chinese, must we. Oh, no.
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Jun 9th, 2012 at 4:46 am
boring – old stuff

america, irak and korea and many other lands are today worse than the german in the second world war

What the...? Have you counted your brain cell recently? Is it still alive? Do you really believe what you wrote? Or are you one of those weird people who live for making really dumb comments on websites? have you ever considered getting treatment?
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Don't be so quick to believe that money was the only factor in Walker's win.

As for the decline of unions, it might just be that they have demanded so much that they have demanded their members out of jobs. Of course, the union LEADERS will always have their jobs, you know, the job of doing all the demanding.
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I've never seen ''lightning'' being used as a countable noun. Lightning, not lightningS, please. You may say bolts of lightning, if you eally must count.
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No, really, you folks who insist and insist on how religion has caused so many deaths, you really need to read up on communism.

If you wanna hate something so badly, you could maybe research a little more before believing just anything because you've decided you are anti-religion.
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Not only bad coffee miming, I'm afraid. That D'Onofrio guy's acting was cringeworthy. It's good that they show characters eating. People around the world watch the show and dream of vacation in NYC so they can get some hot dogs or pastrami sandwishes. :)
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