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StarTrek Future

-- I freely place this idea in the public domain
-- Paramount! this means you can do it...

This can take place in the rebooted universe but
that is not necessary. In fact perhaps a way might
be found to tunnel between the two universes.

It is 70 years beyond Picard. (Just as Picard is
70 years beyond Kirk)

Every room in the enterprise (and most modern
starships) is a holodeck - for the flexibility
it gives. "Computer, remove the bed and replace it
with a pool table (or a swimming pool)"

The Borg have decided to only assimilate
volunteers and are just now beginning to
integrate into the Federation. Most Borg have a
penchant to proselytize everyone around them for voluntary assimilation.

While no exactly enemies, the Romulans are still
very territorial and excitable.

After several unfortunate incidents the Klingons
are unhappy with the Federation, with factions calling
for a break away and WAR.

The Dominion have been acting up, making occasional incursions into federation space. The Vorta have been
playing the role of spy.
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