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What a bunch of nonsense. I hope my tax dollars did not pay for this study. Why are they picking on a particular show? What sparked the hypothesis? 10 years ago they were saying the same thing about Pokemon.
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Sadly the paint job done in a "restoration" a few years back does not look like the original and the airbrushed plating is a little sloppy. Still an amazing model.
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The lightning and I have an understanding. At any time I might be struck, but it has always chosen to just strike around me.
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The specific term high-five was around as early as 1973. I know because my father and I had a specific conversation about it's meaning, and he died that year.
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After adolescence, men do not generally change the location of the part of their hair. In the photo, the hair is parted much lower on the crown than Abe does his in later pictures. This is usually the case even after the hairline recedes. The location and angle of the part is usually pretty constant, unless someone decides to go from side to center etc.
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The Virginia company I worked for at the time had printed a decal which was on one of the mission experiments.

We were all gathered around a little black and white TV with a coat hanger ariel, in the production manager's office, watching the launch.

They let us off early from work. My bus wouldn't come for hours so I walked the 6 miles home.

I'll never forget how cold it felt that day in the South-East.
They should never have launched.
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