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@42: He wasn't as manufactured as the untalented pop stars these days though. Besides, he pretty much perfected the pop formula.

And I would disagree with you saying him never contributed to the betterment of mankind. You don't need to invent rockets or science stuff to have some literal contribution. Arts and culture are just as important. Nevertheless, civilizations are best remembered by their arts. I have not heard a single MJ song in my life, but judging by how my (older) friends and how people around the world were moaning - I'd say at least he is on to something influential. Being able to write and sing and perform music that makes millions happy and enjoy their parties and lives are just or almost as important as inventing a vaccine that cures millions, or a political movement that revolutionizes a country. Life is for living after all, not just for struggling!
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That makes sense. It's like the wiggly surface of our intestines: The more surface area with easy access from blood (inside the fort), the easier to digest the food (the enemies).
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Fetishes, or whatever weird habits, are just cultures in formation.

If the article portray these people as some weird Norwegian tribes or some Siberian tradition, most people will probably like, "Aha, that's why! Fascinating! Neat! Makes me want to knit, etc." and then not think about it anymore.

But when the habit is anchored to fetish or sex, most people will be like, "Eww, gross, these people are sick, etc." Makes me wonder how many people actually practice abstinence, because for the longest time I still thought virginity was a virtue, and thought anybody who watches porn (like 80% of world population) are the sickest people in the world. :p
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This is gestural though, no? The cost of maintaining the grass to be that short and not riddled by weeds would be like maintaining a golf course. Maybe they have a grass mowing train? That would be fun.
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I wonder how many of those people opposing micropayments are using EZ-Pass, iTunes Store, iPhone App Store, or any Pay-per-view. There are tons of ways they are already making micropayment revenues off you, they just aren't called "micropayment", and they are most likely not books or written articles.
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I am sure most people will reverse sides, if the graffiti artists draw glorifying images of Jesus or a race car, a big fish or something, instead of crazy loopy text, threatening images, happy images that aren't related to any famous brand, or arts that most people don't have time to understand.
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If she has mistaken SMS as IM, which is free, it is pretty easy to hit that mark, provided she is a chatterbox and actually has friends.
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Bad physics does ruin it. It would be much nicer the balloon burst and the ghost of the balloon hits the ceiling at the edge of the universe. (You know, since we still can't prove ghosts.)
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Teenagers, especially those who leave home for college, want time away from their families to define their identities, which is very reasonable. I think if their parents want to add them, it is not Facebook's responsibility to block them, but the teenagers themselves have the guts to tell their parents that they want a private time. That is a question that has to be answered some time in everyone's lives anyway, so why escape from it by using bureaucracy? That is plain stupid.

Eventually when they are mid-20s or 30 years old, they will add their parents back for sure.
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If the study is true, it seems to favor neither urban nor rural lives, but instead, suburban lives. I live in the city for I like the amount of social interaction I can get (good for brains!) while I work in the suburb where forests can clearly be seen outside my window. The best of both worlds with heavy commute! Yay!
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Sexiest, but they will have no time to cater you, because they will be working in their offices from 7am to 2am, 7 days a week. ;)
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Discovery Channel had shown an episode a while ago on how the researchers dropped their tools down these ice holes - they are not just holes, they are gigantic hollow caves that go down hundreds of feet, complete with a raging waterfall. In order to test the speed of the waterfall to calculate the speed of melting, they had to climb to a dangerous position to put their instrument in the right place.
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Even if I were a Christian, I would be embarrassed that another believer of my religion is not clever enough to see that. I just don't get believers who take things too literally.

And by focusing too much of the illogical 'miracle', and not focusing on many other factors that actually saved her life, this would pretty much sums up the little girl's rest of her life in this flowchart:
A. Become a devout believer after the 'miracle'
B. Thinks Mom is just over-reacting -> END
A-A. Become egotistic and self-important about how God loves her and saved her life, forces friends to believe
A-B. Find out that the miracle is not really it. Thank God to be alive. "Miracle" becomes just a funny story to chat about in the rest of her life. -> END
A-A-A. Does not understand why the angel does not come to save her from her depression one more time.
A-A-B. Thinks angel is protecting her for her whole life. Nothing bad ever happens again to her, so there is no way to prove the existence of such angel. -> END
A-A-A-A. Got really pissed off and found out the religion could not save her from her teenage problem. Ditch religion and went goth. -> END
A-A-A-B. Tries to justify the existence of the miracle by bending facts. Becomes an evangelist and brag about it all the time. -> END
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It's no different from all the diy-ers doing home improvement... except that home is your own body. The problem is when you start to use mud instead of a proper drywall... you know what I mean?
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