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It's a ball peen flayer used to peel back the scales on a battle-damaged dragon then hammer them back into place.
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Nicely done, Eddie. Bob was a gift.

There are not many actors who can claim icon status for two of their characters - here are the only ones that come to mind, though I'm sure I've forgotten others:

Raymond Burr
Don Knotts
Andy Griffith
Bill Daily
Ann B. Davis
Larry Hagman

I omitted cartoon characters. I'm on the fence about Fred Gwynne & Al Lewis, and while some might include Lucy or Newhart, even though I love them both, I would not. I also would not count Patty Duke (Patty & Cathy), Barbara Eden (Jeannie I & II), etc.
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It's a manual distributor box. Back in the early days of automotives, one person had to drive, while a second person disconnected and reconnected all the spark plugs as fast as they could, in order to keep the car running.

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It's a wheel winder. It was originally part of a failed attempt to make rubber band powered cars (i.e. horseless carriages.) A large rubber band stretched from the right rear wheel to the left rear wheel. You would have to connect the wheel wider to each wheel and wind the rubber band. Properly wound, a car could travel for almost a mile before needing to be rewound. It failed mostly because people were winding the wheels in opposite directions which resulted in the car spinning wildly on it's rear wheels. At that was the end for the Whirligig Motor Company.

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