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This is a medically prescribed device for home use by the patient. The device is worn similarly to a stethoscope. With the earpiece in place the trap is suspended in front of the patient's sternum. The patient is instructed on how to identify the sound of 'gnawed breastbone'; a precursor to emergence. Forewarned, the patient opens the trap and waits for the alien to poke her little head out. Entrapment complete, the device and its trapping are returned for proper disposal.

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This is a section of old quarter inch sewer line which became clogged. It was replaced with a three inch line along with a new commode. So far, everything is flowing fine.

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This looks to be the internal workings of a courtroom device used in federal criminal cases. There are three inputs and twelve outputs. The prosecution, judge, and defense each got a button that was wired to one of the three inputs. At any time the lawyers or judge felt the jury wasn't paying attention, a push of their button would send a mild electric shock to each of the twelve jurors seats. Because of the complexity and indiscriminate nature of the device, it has mostly been replaced by the spitwad and straw.

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This, to me, looks like a bean extractor. The child is told the end-piece is a fragrant flower. Upon sniffing, the extractor is slowly inserted and rotated to acquire the bean. Once extracted, the child is usually left none the wiser.

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