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How about the curious phenomenon of people who came here from somewhere else being so outrageously hostile toward people who came here from somewhere else?
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Some of the comments here remind of how grateful I am to have attended a public high school with the balls to offer an elective course on the bible as literature.
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How is having a bible in a hotel room "exclusionist" to non-Christians? Does it emit some kind of Hindu repelling force field? It's just a book made available to those who wish to read it. No one is being forced to read it or live by the doctrines derived from it.

How come I don't feel excluded by a seeing a portrait of the Sikh gurus when I go to an Indian restaurant?
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When I got an email from a would-be scammer asking me for my phone number so her lawyer could call me to arrange for the money transfer I sent her the number of the local FBI office. Whoa, that made her mad! She was very indignant about not being able to get a decent paying job in spite of having a degree.
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Now will motorists understand why I insist on using the road and quit screaming at me to "GET ON THE SIDEWALK"?

People may resent me going 15 mph on roads where there is no posted minimum speed but I'm sure hell not comfortable riding on the sidewalk at that speed, and I'm very sorry but I am not willing to ride 5 mph on the sidewalk and make my 20 minute trip take an hour.
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If we're going to eventually want to manufacture stuff in space wouldn't accumulating old satellites and other equipment in a an orbiting "junkyard" for later recycling be more practical than mining asteroids?
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I don't know about existence or non-existence of historical references to other stones like this being used by Christians so I can't really discount the possibility of it being a Christian artifact.

Using magic to hurt people doesn't sound very Christian, though.
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I think you could do it without cables if you had magnets at the edge of the frame oriented horizontally with opposing magnets mounted on 4 x 4s screwed to the lower frame so the bed would be repelled toward a center position between the 4 x 4s. One set of magnets oriented vertically for lift, one set of magnets oriented horizontally for centering.

I don't see why it wouldn't be possible to use cables crisscrossed under the bed to stabilize it without the tripping hazard, with cables running from a screw eye at each corner of the bed to a screw eye on the base below the opposite corner.
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Oh hell yes! I remember a text messaging college girl completely oblivious to her surroundings walking right in front of drivers who just got that intersection's ten second green light, briefly looking up when people beeped at her, and nonchalantly continuing her text messaging zombie walk.

I'd like to see all subspecies of pedestrians who think that traffic laws designed to ensure fair turn taking for everyone in traffic don't apply to them start receiving tickets.

Walking is a chance to see and experience the three dimensional world and I just don't get why people would rather stare at a tiny screen. I've tried text messaging and it just isn't that satisfying.
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They need to keep trying to help him, but if nothing works let us all hope that he has the cognitive ability to understand that if he ever hurts anyone he will be locked up in a very uncomfortable and boring jail environment.
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1. Carefully scrape up the seal with the tip of a steak knife.
2. Copy all the pr0nz from your Pa's flash drive.
3. Melt the wax on the back side of the seal with a lighter and stick that rascal back on there.
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