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excellent post. i thoroughly enjoyed reading the article and the comment thread over at Quora. enlightening in unexpected ways. i could read a whole book on this subject...a topic that i never even thought about until i saw this post.
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why can't we do for people the same thing that is considered humane to do for animals? or at least not 'force' life on them with tubes and respirators.
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@Norwegian...i'd be very interested in learning about this in the proper context. can you point me to where i can read more on this? (i'm not being sarcastic - i'm really interested.)
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@Penultimate...please oh please, let your husband adopt a dog! you'll learn to love them much faster close-up than you will from afar. dogs make life wonderful!
Abusive comment hidden. (Show it anyway.) was killing me that the poor kid had to practically beg someone to let her go potty. a kid that age hasn't been potty trained for all that long and she's telling you she's gotta can wait when a kid has to go that bad.

btw, i see parents do this all the time in stores. the kid is telling the mom they have to 'go' just like they're supposed to...but the mom is on the phone or just not paying attention. i swear, more often than not, the child is also holding 32oz drink that was probably given to them to hush them up. i saw one poor little girl who peed on the floor because she just couldn't wait any longer. her mom was busy looking at laundry soap. heck, i don't have kids and i totally saw that coming. anyway, sorry for the off-topic rant...but parents, when your kid tells you they 'gotta go', you need to listen.
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so, you're yankin' me right? because
she's 3...i do believe that what her parents
are doing - enrolling her in mensa & doing
the 'morning show rounds' - will
ensure full-blown narcissism though.
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John Farrier for the win on that one...
i've had to go 'above & beyond' a few
times because of those 5 words. never quite
that far though, thankfully.
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this is the first negative comment i've ever made on Neatorama, but here goes...i think taxidermy is an abomination. just a terrible practice - a terrible thing to do to another living creature. sorry to be harsh...i love Neatorama, but i hate this post.
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i LOVE Snowballs...they're currently my favorite snack, but i prefer my 'creamy filling' not to look like congealed blood. i'd still eat it - but i'd eat it with my eyes closed.
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what a really Neat thing to do. imagine going from crawling across the dirt to getting one of these wheelchairs from someone you don't even know...for free! seeing a need and taking action to fulfill it - not for profit - just to help other people...the world could use a lot more people like that. hooray for Don Schoendorfer!!
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i try to follow the "if you don't have anything nice to say - don't say anything" rule. i'm also not one to shout "animal cruelty" everytime someone dresses a dog up in some dumb outfit...but this is wrong, wrong, wrong.
the article itself calls it cruel. can you imagine wearing a rubber doll head the way these poor monkeys are being forced to wear. it has to be hot and no doubt obscures their vision/hearing. also, do you think they wear these willingly? what do you think the 'training' consisted of?
this is the complete opposite of "delightful". it's sickening.
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i LOVE this. i think i've seen just about every Harryhausen movie. my dad took me to see all of the Sinbad movies. the skeleton army and the cyclops are two of my alltime faves.
btw, ita agree with a youtube commenter who said that Harryhausen's stop motion is better than much of today's CGI.

thank you for this post. it brings back some good times and gives me some movie titles to look up on Netflix for the long weekend.
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true story. for years my husband & i have owned an imaginary company with products based on rhymes. it started off with 'Oh Boy, it's Soy!'. we made an imaginary fortune and branched out with 'No Joke, it's Coke'(imaginary products aren't subject to trademark laws)'Oh Jeez, it's Cheese!' and many others. right now we're working on a name for our newest duck. we just can't seem to come up with a name for that one.
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it's also a good lesson for management...ask your line workers first. few things frustrated me more than having issues specific to my job 'solved' by 3rd parties who had no real idea of what my job was. the solution almost always included 3 extra steps, 2x the paperwork and still didn't help.
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that was amazing. i wonder why he prodded it with the leaf first. i guess, i'd do the same thing though - to see if it was alive and also to see what kind of mood it was in. it's strange to see that they are interested in the world around them...beyond their own needs. that was just pure curiousity. he/she was so gentle too. great post.
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neat! for some reason i'm really drawn to abandoned places - mainly larger places where crowds of people once gathered. amusements parks are my favorite with shopping malls a close second.
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i'd love to find stuff like that. all i've found was a big swastika spray painted on the concrete floor when we tore up the carpet. that was no fun.

i did my part though. when i was a kid and we were moving, i went into the back of my closet and wrote/carved "help me" several times on the wall.
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