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Washington is wrong too. Toplessness is legal unless a prosecutor can prove to a unanimous jury beyond a reasonable doubt that it was done for the purpose of arousing purient interest or to offend. Have you heard of the Fremont Solstice Parade?
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The old Associated Press style manual had an entry, "burrow/burro," 'One is an ass, the other a hole in the ground. A good reporter knows the difference.' Here we have an illustration of that difference.
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I agree with Ray. By the time you feel your hair stand on end, your body is going to do what it was hardwired to do. Fortunately for me it was to duck, while the lightning hit the fence around the tennis court.
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Nice story, but there is at least one factual inaccuracy. "Parapsychologists define ghosts as 'people who died with unfinished business' -and Lincoln certainly fits the bill. The Confederacy had surrendered only five days before Lincoln's assassination, but the United States was in disarray." While Lee had surrendered the Army of Virginia to Grant five days before the assassination, none of the other Confederate armies had surrendered. Confederate armies were fighting in North Carolina (against Sherman), Alabama, and Texas. And Jefferson Davis was fleeing south from the captured Richmond with the remnants of the Confederate government when Lincoln died.
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Maytag is a great representative of Iowa. It's owned by Whirlpool, a Michigan-based company. I'd nominate Winnebago, the manufacturer of motor homes, instead. Nothing says Iowa like, "let's leave." I used to tell people that the Winnebago Native Americans from Iowa were never given a reservation of their own, so they had to travel among the other tribes' reservations. They got so good at it, that they invented the Winnebago motor home.
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I've wondered about the feasability of such cloning, given the microfauna necessary in a gut to allow digestion. Just because we may be able to clone a mammoth, would the current species of intestinal microfauna work with the ancient digestive system?
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Instead, have the IRS recognize that football is not part of the academic mission of the college, and thus contributions to the football program would no longer be tax deductible.
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Six years ago, my son and I were driving through Eldon, Iowa, so I decided to show the original American Gothic house to my son. A middle-aged couple were there with their two college-aged kids. Their son was taking a picture of the rest of the family, so I volunteered to take a picture of all of them. The patriarch of the family offered to reciprocate and take a picture of my son and me. After taking the picture, he looked at the back of the camera to see the image, but I explained to him that I had an archaic roll film camera with no instant preview. Then I noticed, and asked him, "Aren't you Senator Tom Harkin?" He was. This wasn't his family, this was his staff. So they took a picture of him, my son, and me in front of the house. The picture is at the link.
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@RD Different breeds have different dispositions. I've had the best luck with Orpingtons and Australorps. And with my son and his friends, they were handled a lot as chicks so they were socialized more. A major downside is that they poop wherever they are, so they are unsavory.
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It's a control box for changing the direction of your TV antenna atop your house. The antenna had a motor to reorient it to different directions for better signal reception. This box controlled the motor.

If I win, I'd like a velociraptor skull t-shirt, please, in men's x large, for my 20 year old son.
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If the brain is "fossilized" how could it still contain cells?

Isn't fossilization the replacement of organic material by stone, creating a cast of the organic material?

Just asking.
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