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I've been there. It's a very unsuccessful project. _IF_ you can find your way in, the stores are mostly empty and the apartments are oddly shaped. The top floor ones have great light though. And it's in a neighborhood that is, well, not so great. I really wanted to like it, too.
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bean -

You're right. I should have said that the Ossetians don't want to be a part of Georgia, not that they do want to be part of Russia. At any rate, it doesn't change the fact that in this case, it was Georgia who attacked the Russians who were in Ossetia as peacekeepers.
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It's not prescient. In the current situation it's the Georgians who are the aggressors not the Russians. The Ossetians want to be part of Russia and have been put down by Georgia. Russia has been supporting the Ossetian rebels with 'peacekeeping' forces for the past few years. Georgia signed an agreement giving autonomy to South Ossetia and then turned around and attacked. Russia is helping the Ossetians defend themselves.

The media seems to have this preoccupation with Russia as "bad guy". It may be true in many instances, but not in this one. The one-sided coverage is just knee-jerk reaction.
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You aren't missing much. Most Best Picture winners are pretty mediocre. This is especially true for the past 20 years or so, but even if you go back to the beginning there are some truly forgettable movies that have won Best Picture.
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