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The molds are not hard to make . . plexiglass tube and some heat. Immature cukes or zukes are coaxed into the tube and left to expand to grow and fill the void. Whole thing is "picked" and the veggie is pushed out the end and sliced.

At WDW restaurants, they're shaped like Mickey's famous "profile".
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This was auto-audio state of the art! I had a friend with one in his 1961 Ford Falcon! Pretty much sucked "in-flight" but his "45" stacks-of-wax collection beat the crap out of small-town commercial radio during the after-school meets to kill an hour. Their demise came rapidly once LearJet and the sub $100 underdash Pioneer 8-track brought the "rearranged" LP to the market.
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Am I the only one who saw Bubba Ho-Tep?

"Look, man, do I look like an ickyologist to you? Big damn bugs, all right? The size of my fist. The size of a peanut butter and banana samwich."
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