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How is it stealing?

If someone asks you for a dollar (without coercion) and you give it to him, did he steal from you?

If I ask a machine to transmit some bits for me (without coercion) and it does it, what did I do wrong?

How about this one? If I pay my ISP to send some packets for me and it drops one, did my ISP steal from me?

Also, I'm curious, do people's opinions on it being stealing correlate with what type of service they pay for (ie. Unlimited Data, Limited Bandwidth VS. Unlimited Bandwidth, Limited Data)
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@LisaL - I bet the trap had failed multiple times previously and the trapper was filming to discover why the trap failed.
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Climate changed without man so it's impossible for man to change it?

I was hoping for more biology and less anthropology in the video.
Bring on the clones!
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@Miss Cellania - that was my thought except the line is so small, and recreating whats under it would be easy. So I thought there must be a better/other reason.
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Isn't it hypocritical to judge a pretty person winning to mean that the company picked her to win because she's pretty?

Nope a pretty person winning is too convenient...
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