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I thought you only started to see the tornado after it touched ground because most of what you see in a tornado is debris from the ground, not the clouds coming down...
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I still don't understand how kids eat that crap... The only time I've ever eaten part of any school lunch was in elementary school when I lost my own lunch and I tried eating a few chicken nuggets.
At least normal junk food tastes better, but this shit is nasty and bad for you. So let's feed it to kids every day. Great idea.
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I thought this was pretty cool. Not just because you get to see a burning house, but because you could move around and get a time lapse of neighbors moving around. Even kids riding bikes, hopping curbs, and all sorts of things. You rarely get to see so many people in neighborhoods on google street view.

-JC: How is it not ethical to publish it? I'm probably missing something but I can't think of anything.
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Haha, I like it how with the emo looking guy 'Nic' they gave the doll a smile when the picture was frowning.

They're pretty cool, but it would be kind of weird to have one of my self.
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It told me my first was white spaces, which is true. I like things simple. But the secondary was pop art. For most of the pop art that I've seen, that is a definite NO.
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Wow. Who the hell would flag that as inappropriate for younger users... While those creepy PETA videos remain as appropriate for younger viewers on youtube?
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Wow, at least for me and all the other people in the world I know who hate math, this is a complete lie. Most kids hate math simply because it's hard for them because the ideas are too abstract. Not because they associate math with men who have no luck with women...
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Okay, why the hell is there a homosexuality card in a game about DISEASES? I admit that Micky Mouse as the illustration was funny, but still, that's way out of place.
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With all of these dumb religious 'sitings' around right now, I would be starting to get really annoyed by them if a lot of them weren't dumb enough to be funny. Like this one.
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All the other commenters here seem to be immediately jumping to the conclusion that the two cops were racist.

The part of the article on Neatorama here isn't complete.
There was more than one take about what happened, and only the black man's point of view was listed on neatorama. Here's what the two white cops had to say.

"When one officer spotted Zeigler's service weapon through the rolled-down window, he yelled "Gun!" according to sources who have spoken with the officers.

Both cops raised their weapons and ordered the driver out of the car, sources said.

Instead of saying he was an armed member of the NYPD, Zeigler shouted, "Don't you know who I am?" the sources said.

When one cop reached over to check the identification badge around Zeigler's neck, the chief pushed him away, sources said.

Only then did Zeigler tell the two officers his name and rank, those sources said."

Obviously, one of the stories has to be wrong.
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@kid icarus

There's almost no way that the fuel would explode. There's not really a way for the flame to reach the can. Same principle as any lighter.
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Okay, for those of you who think this is a horrible thing that encourages kids to go shoot people.
This commercial has a joking attitude. Nobody was actually serious (as shown by the person in the car) about it. They were using their fingers guys, come on now.

Also, I play first person shooter games all the time. I would honestly be afraid to pick up any actual gun. They're just not my thing, I don't like them.

Really, the people that play first person shooters and actually think about doing violent things that are sometimes shown in those games are messed up in the head.
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Hey, I know that place... I live there.

Interesting story that Urbana managed to keep the local economy going by it self. Hadn't heard of that before.
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I've seen this before, and it sounds like fun to do. But there's only one beginner design on the internet (that I can find at least), so you can only do so much...
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